Growing up, my mum was very particular about certain things. She would never let up borrow ANYTHING from anybody, if you came home with a borrowed book, you will get a serious telling off not to talk of a toy or a piece of clothing. My sister and I who are 3 years apart were not even allowed to wear each others clothes, my mum hated it. Let’s just say she made no exceptions, my mum didn’t like what she hated lol. From a young age we knew to do with what we had.

Another thing is she would never let us miss school for any reason whatsoever, if you were ill, she would ask you to go to school and if it got worse tell the teacher to call her to pick you up. She would never lie on your behalf or cover up for you in any wrong doing. I remember once, a while ago when I was at university, I called my part time job to say I was ill I couldn't come in when I was just very tired from being up late the night before watching Bill Clinton confess his sins live on TV, she threatened to call my manager to tell him I was lying, the next thing I found myself at work doing an 10 hour shift with the possibility of fainting every other minute due to fatigue.

She never missed a flight; she would rather drive off and leave your ass in the wilderness than miss her flight. She always emphasized keeping your word and being on time. These little or big things shaped me in an unimaginable way.

I recently got a job where I worked with a Manager I had worked with in a former organisation. One day, very new in my role, I was down with a fever and had to stay home to recover. When I told my manager, he said "In the 18 months we worked together before, you have never called in sick, I hope you are not dying" lol. I did feel a sense of pride at that point. I was back to work the next day just so I don’t taint my almost perfect record.

I am not an expert in Parenting because at the end of the day we are all just winging it and hoping for the best. What I do know is Integrity, kindness and grit are some of the most important things you can teach your children.

Some things I implement that help build his integrity

  • Never allow him play pranks or so called April fools, I can’t stand it
  • Never allow him borrow anything, if he asks to borrow something, I just say "I will buy you a brand new shiny one, don't you want that instead?”
  • I never lie in front of him or give a false statement (which he knows is false) with the aim to avoid responsibility or commitment
  • I never let him get out of his activities like swimming, football, music etc just because he is "tired" or "doesn't feel like going"
  • I emphasize on being on time to everything
  • I teach him on knowing when to say no instead of letting people down
  • And I always emphasize on keeping his word, you say it, you do it.

This is not an extensive list but a few things I do regularly and never back away giving him mixed messages. I learnt from the best, my mum.

Comment below on what you do or what your parents did to instil certain values in you.

Until next time buttercups



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Colour lover’s guide to monochrome

Ok all colour lovers everywhere, as your ultimate queen of Colourville and all things colourststic , I come to you with good news. We can wear monochrome guys, we can and I am here to tell you how.  I often see people on instagram with zero colour on their feed hash tagging #allblackerrthang #monochromemagic #greyisthenewblack #minimalistlife. I get it, i really do, that's what you like and that's fine but all I see is #WhatHasLifeDoneToYou #WhatHappenedToYourChildhood #WhoHurtYou #WhereYourSoulAt lol. I joke oh before you send  your queen after me (Janelle Monea) ?. After several days of deliberation, in every attempt not to get my soul get soaked into monochrome hell faya, I thought I have to make this fun. So this is what I did. I got all textures of black known to man (silky, patent, cotton, lasercut) and paired it up with nude pumps and clutch. I had to do something to distract myself. Patent trousers made me feel 100 bucks, I just loved the biker details on it and of course my laser cut duster just gave it a more playful fun look. Check me out below  Outfit deets Accessories @byopaleye  Trousers Zara (Sale) Shoes Ravel £40 on sale here Shirt Ralph Lauren Bag Very.co.uk £14 in the sale  I hope you go out there and Slay this week guys. Until next time buttercups.

DIY your own sock boots

I saw the designer sock boots first on the Kardashian's, I think they were Kanyes brand and they cost something ridiculous like $600. I was like e mi keh, I can't buy such things, God forbid bad thing ???.Lo and behold I started seeing DIY versions on instagram, that's when I realised that really and truly Warri cannot carry last. I did my research and here is what you need 1. A thick pair of sports socks from here 2. Non slip shoe pads- from here 3. A pair of pointy court shoes from your wardrobe  Step 1 Put the socks over the heels completely Step 2 Cut a hole where the heel is. Make sure the hole is very small, the sock is stretchy and will expand for the heel to come through  Step 3 When happy with the positioning of the sock, peel the back of the shoe pads and stick it on the sock under the shoe. Dass all  You have spent £5 and saved a tonne of money. Thank me later ?. see my look below. These socks all from forever 21 are and will surely be my next projects. Until another time buttercups. Dont forget to tag me on your projects. 

Girl meets boy. Rock that powerful suit with a twist

The power suit aka mens wear, aka women do it better is a trend that has been around for sometime. I have a few suits in my wardrobe but everytime I attempted to wear a suit to work I always veto my self with the exact words of "where are you even going sef" and "are you the CEO" , just as I put it on I take it off even quicker, until I saw the way some celebs made it their own and then I was like "I can do this". Here are some ways you can wear and own a power suit look and still put a twist on it. 1. Choose a colour that says "I ain't scurred to be bold". I chose a pinkish salmon colour. Love it, it stood out. 2. Wear something lacey or feminine inside. I find that looks with an Oxford shirt is taking menswear too literal. Do it differently. Wear a camisole and still rock a strong look. 3. Wear shorts with your suit. It adds a little extra and will make you stand out 4. A high Waisted trouser will flatter anyone, making your legs look longer, you can't go wrong. 5. Pair it up with accessories. Bling that look up with either a broach or some neck bling. 6. Wear it with trainers and a peg leg pair of trousers with a t-shirt and a blazer. So my buttercups, just do you, don't let the suit wear you oh. Show the suit who is boss. Until next time image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image I hope you enjoyed. Please comment and give your own tips or tell me who rocked it best.

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