What I really think about Meghan’s dress

Ok, I am not a video person, interrupted a million times. I didn't know making a video was so hard 😭. Well, this is what I thought about Meghan's dress, the press coverage and the ceremony. Enjoy.  

Who slayed my entire being at the Met Gala


The Met gala, the most glamorous ball ever hosted in the history of fabulousness. Although people look at it as a costume ball, I see it as a way for designers to push themselves and create avant garde for us commoners to drool over. The theme this year

Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination

It already sounds like a thesis waiting to get an A*** plus a noble peace prize all in thesame day. When I heard the theme I was excited but then I expected everyone to carry a pope on their arms like Nicki did in the 2012 Grammies

But this was not the case. The only pope that showed up in a real and awesome way was Rih boo biscuit (take my jellof rice), all others that attempted a pope outfit just ended up looking like Parish priests and Jesuits that Latin is hard for them because their mother tongue is Ijebu Yoruba.

I noticed certain themes in this year's Met. The Pope and her subordinates, the angels, the cross wearers and the people who couldn't be bothered (aka demons and kill joys) 😂

If I go by themes, I think the Angels won this one except of Katy Perry, Katie, see me in my office straight away, kneel down and hands up before I get there. The Angels were elegant and had so much detailing in the gowns. You just know there were 300 elves sewing on beading, feathers and textures for the last 365 days since the theme was announced. To all elves around the world, your contribution to fashion is appreciated.

Then the pope and her man dem who to be honest this whole category was carried by queen Rih.

Then you have the slays with the cross on the garment. Both the men and women pulled off the look and it was a delight to see, although the cross is more simplistic than the feather detailing of the angels but JLO, thank you for coming through for the rest of us and helping us believe that a body after 40 can be as firm as new yam in the middle of December.


Then we had the people who will definitely miss heaven because they cant take simple instructions. These are not the worst dressed, inshort I love some of these looks but St Peters must make them do frog jumps before they are allowed through the pearly gates, I am sorry.


and finally my best and worst dressed

Worst dress Has to be Amal Clooney. I just didn't get this outfit. Warris this please. Amal you look gorgeous and have a lovely figure even after having twins (bish 😏) but you gotta do better.

Rihanna- Best dressed. Rihanna always slays but it is not about Rihanna, it is about this massive contribution to fashion. This outfit is pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries, giving us the best fashion can offer in terms of shapes, detail, movement and an outright spectacle to look at. Rih carried herself well and wore this garment like no one else. I love her for this. Best dressed at the Met gala 2018 none other than Rihanna Robyn Fenty.

She served face, she served mystery, she served attitude, she even served cleavage, the only thing she didn't serve was jellof rice and goat meat but I can live with that. All hail Rih Rih.

Until next year Buttercups. I will be on the red carpet at the Met gala 😂

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