My no fuss Skin care routine for busy bees

"Oi freckle face" was hollered at me in my new school when I first landed in England many years ago. I looked back and understood that I was the target of a one man abuse team. I was doing my A levels in the sixth form of a high school with younger pupils who obviously needed more protein to help grow their maturity. The kids were insensitive and cruel. Yes I had freckles but I was also laden with pimples which indicated that I had achieved my adolescent stars. I kept thinking about the "freckle face " comment and became very very conscious and hated my angry red skin. I was 16 years old and clueless about skin care. I knew anytime I ate oily foods I had instant break outs so I avoided most foods, I also stopped moisturizing my face because I thought that it aggreviated the pimples. It got worse and worse and I didn't know what to do. On the other hand I had a mother who had flawless skin. As long as I can remember or the last 20 years, my mum used Elizabeth Arden products, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, day cream, nights serum, under eye soother to name a few. She had a set routine every evening and I often sat at the end of her bed watching the magic happen. I just couldnt get my head around using a million products on my face, how was I expected to afford it all and what if they don't work that would be money down the drain. It didn't help with the constant reminder from my mum to improve my skin "Alero you need to start taking care of your skin", "Alero you need to find something that works for you ", I knew it was critical at this stage because a famous Nigerian saying "monkey nor fine but e mama like am" was slowly fading from my mum's memories ?. I didn't make major moves but I started with the Elizabeth Arden Intervene moisturiser and instantly began to see results. Pimples were clearing up, face becoming smoother. I was at work one day when someone said to me "You have very good skin", I cried tears of joy and I tell you now, all I needed at that point was an evening dress with a 10ft train, a stage and a shiny Oscar because the emotions already matched that scenario of winning an award. That ish changed my life for real.

Over the years my routine have changed somewhat but that gave me more confidence to try things and be confident about what works and what doesn't. I am not a product junkie. I stick to products and services for years if I like them, my personality is not inclined towards jumping on the newest exciting thing that comes to the market.

Products I am loyal to at the moment and I absolutely love are in two brands. Dr Kheils and Organic pharmacy.

I use the organic pharmacy carrot butter cleanser. It is an oily consistency is not too heavy and it snatches all the Make up from your face. Face feels so soft and supple afterwards. It is a bit pricey at £40 but I manage it well by sometimes substituting for good ole coconut oil

I apply it all over my face and wipe it off with damp flat cotton pads. I do this as soon as I get home from work to allow skin breather all evening. In a heavy Make up day, I use coconut oil first (ain't no body wasting precious resources), shower then use my carrot butter to remove the last of the Make up. I absolutely swear by this product.

I then apply my Dr Khiels moisturiser with spf 30. Spf is so so important whether you live in a hot climate or not. I was looking for a product with a higher spf but I read somewhere that spf 30 blocks 99% of UV rays.  Enough for me so shut up and take my money.

I have used this moisturiser for years and I love love love it. That is my day cream. For night I use food ole Aveeno.  Who can argue with the power of oats.

I also use the organic pharmacy toner a couple of times of the week which is Ok, I  have no clue if it works or not but it soothes my skin after all that rubbing to get the damn Make up off.

Apart from my routine above, I have another strategy, I use soap on my face once a day usually in the morning. I don't use soap too often because a dermatologist I saw  told me that soap strips the skin of essential oils.This is something that has worked for me sometimes I have a soap free day because my carrot butter contains anti bacteria properties. My routine is quick and easy. No fancy row of products, easy to find and use products especially the coconut oil which I buy from the food isle in the supermarket. I hope this saves you time, energy and money. Find what works for you and stick with it even if your BFF phones you to tell you of the new snake oil product mixed with rabbit balls juice and unicorn colostrum. Start simple and build on it by doing this you can really evaluate products that are good for your skin while isolating the useless products all together. I hope this had helped someone. Please comment on your best beauty tips. Outfit deets

Red and white, who can name a more iconic duo of colours ?. This duo is unbeatable in my books especially as red is my colour. I have paired an oversize white shirt dress with red patent skirt and this season's must have, white boots for that colour blocking effect

Weekday white shirt

Primark patent skirt £10

Primark boots £16

Until next time Buttercups ?

Women are from Venus and men are from a planet unknown

I started out writing a post about a young lady I saw in a video on Facebook who was telling her story of being with a man for 10 years, he was never "ready" for marriage. She left him and he gets married within a year. She was obviously crushed and her whole life and self confidence crumbled right before her eyes. I was thinking how did she miss the signs? How did she become blind to his bluff? How did this happen to her for so long and she didn't have the guts to end it earlier. Then Kevin Hart happens ?. As I mentioned before, I love celebrity news and all, nothing passes me by but that's not what my blog is about so I never focus on that. Today my lovelies I have a thing or two to say so why don't you sit back and relax because this is a fast and bumpy ride ???. Celebrity MEN and their infidelities is nothing new, it's so normal that saintly men like Steph Curry are like rare cuts of 55 carat pink diamonds, hard to find and impossible to purchase. Many many celebrities A list to Z list have have had scandals. Snoops wife once said she had to phone women she knew were side chics to find out when her husband was coming home after being absent for weeks on end. Tiger Wood, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Jay-Z, Tony Parker, Arny Schwarzenegger and even Marilyn Manson cheated, yes he did, this nicca cheated on Dita Von Teese.  This person  Cheated on Dita yano? These stories touch and affect us differently. The varying impact celebrity  cheating scandals have on us mere mortals is based on who is being cheated on. When Beyonce sang about a so called Becky that Jay cheated on her with, my first reaction was "where Becky at? I want to fight that b*tch, I want to snatch her edges so bad that Bey would change the lyrics to her song to "Becky with the Mohawk ". Gurl, I was mad, I didn't want to hear that Jay-Z's stupid voice with his baby duck like laughter. Bey and I were in this together and we were going to ride the storm no matter what ?. Another one I felt angry about was Common and Serena Williams, I was so happy when she bagged herself a new man  "chop knuckle ", you did well sis, I have seen Alex Ohanian and if he does anything to hurt ma boo,  I know I can take him, I have a bottle and I am not afraid to use it (after I have drank the contents ofcourse). While the victims usually women try to heal and cope, it seems like the men are out there profiteering from their infidelities in the form of tours and hit albums carrying on with their lives. If you wanna leave then do that, there is someone in the wings to take your space like the way Eniko (former instigator and current victim ) slid into Wife position after  being side piece for years. How do we not learn as women please. This doesn't fail to happen, you will go out the same way you came in.  But women out there healing like wolverine because your man is famous or rich, good on you, you know your priorities and you know what you want in life. Those of you taking this from broke men, you will surely make heaven because you have a heart of gold, you are a direct disciple of the Lawd and your mansion awaits you in heaven ?.  Everyone for their own. I hope we have the strength and wisdom to handle such cases if it falls on our laps. About this outfit This suit is from Topshop, I intend to wear it as separates all the time so please don't  all me out for repetition of outfits.  Shoes (old) from ASOS Hat TK Maxx Bag from Zara 

Don’t let this happen to you. My capsule errands wardrobe

It was cold winters day in October 2016, I took the day off work under the guise of "getting things done".  I decided I would do everything a stay at home mum would do and accomplish my goals of being a domestic goddess for a day. The brief: Alero- Wake up, bake a cake before dawn so the warm cuddly scent of vanilla and chocolate gently wake up the hubby and baby boy. Get your son ready for school in 10 minutes flat and take him to his class waving and blowing kisses to prove to the other mum's that you have what it takes to be a great mum. Things started ok, I baked a red velvet cake with all the trimmings, brimming with love and deep levels of creamy butteriness, in my sleep (not a figure of speech) I must have dreamt I was baking because I woke up at 7am with only 24 minutes to get us both ready. I failed at my first task but I wasn't going to let anything hold me down, I was going to master this school run thing by faya and by force. Fast forward 23 minutes later my son was ready and a smirk reappeared on my face until I realised I was in a towel only and I had 60 seconds to put myself together. The clock began to count down as I threw on some baggy unironed clothes and a Maxi trench coat and ran out of the door. I felt a rush of pride when I got to the school gates just in time. Lucky me my favourite parking spot was vacant. I had a smug look on my face, a healthy mix of arrogance and "I told you so". As I stepped out of the car I noticed it was a very cold day for the month of October but screw it, I was here on time  and there is nothing anybody could do to bring me down. After I dropped my son and the adrenaline began to wear off, I started shivering as I raced to the car, jumped in and it took me a minute to comprehend the total and uttmost disaster. Shet!!! What the hell is happening here  Pipo!!!! I had NO TROUSERS on. Jesus take me now! ? open your gates heavenly fada. Under my maxi Mac coat was nothing but panties and a pair of tights. I looked around nervously and started typing furiously in Google "What age does dementia kick in". Pipo pray for me because even as I type this I have big hot tears in my eyes from laughter. I was talking to myself, mind racing up and down, rewinding thoughts to see if all was ok with us (my mind and I). After sitting in the car for what seemed like 30 minutes (actually about 3) I sped off into the fog never to return back to the place that saw me fall from grace to grass ?. I was saved by my trench coat. Now I look at people wearing trench coats and can't help wonder what is really under there. Never again is all I was thinking. Photo below is a typical errands/school run outfit What did this teach me people , Preparation is key. I failed to prepare and it was almost disastrous. So now how do I prepare for school run (for the days I don't go into My casual wardrobe consists of Jackets that permanently remain in the downstairs cupboard, 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of t-shirts which are all kept separately from my heap of clothes for easy access. My school run capsule wardrobe was very deliberate with no iron items and easy to wear pieces. My wardrobe looks something like this  JACKETS  One leather jacket. Usually something with a bit of character, rivets, studs or embroidered but don't go overboard, keep it simple One trench coat from Larodoute. I love colour so trust me to go for yellow. I also have a red trench coat from Zara, very cute  One smart coat in a delicious colour. Lilac is so in style this season  JEANS My go to jeans are mom high waisted jeans. I have 3 of them and they seem to style up everything well These misguided jeans and are on sale now, hurry guys  Black ankle high waisted jeans are also a must have like the river island pair below  TOPS Personally I wear t-shirts or sweaters all winter.  If you can't afford Gucci, fake it with this missy empire tshirt I also have these Calvin Klein t-shirts in black and white that are simply marvellous. Very soft and comfy Lastly footwear. I have a few I live in Adidas superstars which allow my feet slip in and out without tieing laces.   Kurt Geiger boots for a more sophisticated look and will go so well with the lilac coat. They are doing 20 percent off all boots so get in there. Glamorous wellies for those rainy days One tip is, put these in a separate area in your wardrobe or in an Ikea small storage solution because spending time looking for these items in the morning is what will get you in situations like mine ?. I hope I have given you a good ole laugh today.  Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below  Until next time buttercups  

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