Colour lover’s guide to monochrome

Ok all colour lovers everywhere, as your ultimate queen of Colourville and all things colourststic , I come to you with good news. We can wear monochrome guys, we can and I am here to tell you how.  I often see people on instagram with zero colour on their feed hash tagging #allblackerrthang #monochromemagic #greyisthenewblack #minimalistlife. I get it, i really do, that's what you like and that's fine but all I see is #WhatHasLifeDoneToYou #WhatHappenedToYourChildhood #WhoHurtYou #WhereYourSoulAt lol. I joke oh before you send  your queen after me (Janelle Monea) ?. After several days of deliberation, in every attempt not to get my soul get soaked into monochrome hell faya, I thought I have to make this fun. So this is what I did. I got all textures of black known to man (silky, patent, cotton, lasercut) and paired it up with nude pumps and clutch. I had to do something to distract myself. Patent trousers made me feel 100 bucks, I just loved the biker details on it and of course my laser cut duster just gave it a more playful fun look. Check me out below  Outfit deets Accessories @byopaleye  Trousers Zara (Sale) Shoes Ravel £40 on sale here Shirt Ralph Lauren Bag £14 in the sale  I hope you go out there and Slay this week guys. Until next time buttercups.

Midi is not a naughty word

Some people like it short, some people like is long, but my friends Average (midi) can be just as satisfying. Take your filthy minds out of filthville and concentrate for once in your lives ?. I am talking Midi skirts.  I love midi skirts just because of its can wear it to work and dress it up for a wedding. It is a key item in my wardrobe and I never hesitate to buy more when the opportunity arises.  I need not say more. Have a look of how midis have been rocked by bloggers far and wide and get inspiration.   I went for a sporty look. Substitute my heels with trainers and you have an excellent sports Luxe outfit  Top: she inside  Skirt: Asos Bag: River Island  Accessories (so old): Mango Thanks for reading. Until next time buttercups. Buziaki 

Blogger favourite bomber

Ok guys I am here for a confession.  I need to get things off my chest. Hi, my name is Alero and I am a shipping addict.  I shop for fun, I shop when I feel sad, I shop and eat when I am happy, I shop in the street, in the train and everywhere ?. That felt good, better than jellof rice and fried goat meat on Christmas Eve at 1am ?.  I am the Queen of chasing sold out items. I call customer service y'all, I call them and ask them to reserve items and can cross oceans to get my items, I don't joke pipo.  This pink silky bomber was not excempt from that hot pursuit. It is  by Mango and came out when no one else was doing silky bombers. Bloggers were slaying with it up and down and this deeply troubled me because I didn't have it and it was sold out, so naturally I was on the phone to Mango with very stern words ?. One day as if woken by the holy spirit, I went on my emails at 4.40am and saw an email from Mango that it was back in stock for like 30 minutes and sold out again. Jesus answered my prayers. Me and my jacket were finally reunited 3 days later by DHL who I will always love and respect for the work they do for society ?. See below some favourite looks from bloggers that nearly made me jump off a bridge due to a sold out bomber jacket lol. I have gone for a more edgy look to style mine, like a Riri inspired look Bomber Mango (sold out) alternatives below Dress hnm £4 (sale) Boots public desire  Boohoo ⬆ ⬆ Hope you are united with your favourite items soon guys. Until next time buttercups.

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