Five items your wardrobe will thank you for.

Before I begin, you know I always have a story before my fashion tips. This is not so much a story but a lesson on the constant state of change in life. Picture this, I am 16 years old, gangling size 8, bare faced and no money for make up. I used to buy this Kohl eye pencil and lip gloss bundle for 99p and that was all the makeup I had.

I remember a friend of my older cousin came to visit and she had the most heavenly eyebrows in sharp contrast to my one bushy, one over plucked brow that I was just praying for the Lordt to take control of and fix the mess. I served this visitor food and drink to welcome her and sat staring at her brows while her and my cousin talked about boyfriends, parties and more clothes I could not afford.

About two hours later, I plucked the courage to ask her how she made her eyebrows so perfect, what was her technique, what she used etc. She looked at me like a stray cat with fleas (At one point, I think she was holding her breath) and said "I use Mac eye pencils only". End of conversation. She spoke nothing more of it like the question was a taboo. I felt terrible, I was shut down for no reason and felt like I let my brow down big time. Lets just say it left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Fast forward today, eyebrows still wonky but I have learnt alot from others who are willing to share. I often find myself following Instagram accounts of young 19 year olds because I want to learn not only from my peers but also from anyone whom I find inspiring whether you are 5 years old or 99 years old.

Change is constant, self improvement should be constant along with change. Let us continue to inspire each other and help eachother grow in this journey called life. It will not cost you a thing to give out knowledge, more will definitely come back to you.

Five items your wardrobe will thank you for

1.A pair of wide legged jeans can serve many purposes, dress down with a cami top and sandals and dress up with a metallic or sequin top. A wide leg pair of jeans will never let you down. For a more versatile pair, buy a medium or dark wash.

Anthropology jeans here
Monki jeans here
Warehouse jeans here

2. A crisp white shirt will transform your wardrobe, invest in one do not just buy one from the high street. From your parents teachers meeting to your Brunching with the ladies, this shirt will be worth every penny you invest into it.

Alexa Chung crisp white shirt here
Cos white shirt here
Frame white shirt here

3. A denim Jacket will take you from spring to summer nights to Autumn. An investment is also needed here so you get a really nice wash. I am liking crop denim jackets at the moment.

Sports max denim jacket here
Vivien Westwood denim jacket here

4. A leather jacket is one I still lack in my wardrobe since a known criminal took mine. I tend to stay away from colours and stick with black to last the test of time and style. I also look for jackets with caracter like rivets, cropped, dog collar, zips or lapels. Here are my current favourites

Goosecraft leather jacket here
Topshop leather jacket here

5. A pair of well tailored trousers is a must! Go for ankle grazers for taller folks, there is an elegance that ankle grazers gives that full length trousers cannot match

ASOS tie waist trousers here
Weekday wide leg tailored trousers here
Monki trousers here

All these items above are timeless pieces which will transcend seasons and trends, make your investment and you will never regret it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, until next time buttercups.

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