I am done supporting.

Why I have decided to never go to any kind of meet and greet, book signing or launch by my 9ja pipo.

I have always been a big supporter of Nigerian artists, authors, actors and musicians. Apart from Beyonce, I don’t know any other group of people I have supported more with my hard earned cash. Before you start correcting me, yes! Beyonce is a “group of people”, Beyonce and sons enterprises ltd. She is the only person that I see instantly that my money makes a difference in her life because as soon as I buy her concert ticket, she buys a house, if that isn’t the best return on capital you have seen I don’t know what is.

Back to my Naija people. So on this fateful day my friend tells me there was going to be a book launch by a Nigerian celebrity turned author in London. I didn’t even let her land when I found myself on event brite purchasing tickets for the launch. I was excited not because I was going to meet this person but because I wanted to support my OWN. I even rallied my troops and promoted this book launch like it was my own bestseller gracing the able pages of the Amazon website. When I invited a friend to the book launch and she just “couldn’t be bothered” to attend, I used these exact lines on her “but if it was JK Rowling launching a book you would run there abi?” that was how seriously I took it.

Fast forward a month later, the book launch was upon us and my friend and I set off on a cold Friday night, a good 10 miles and one hour later we found ourselves sitting at the venue in eager anticipation of the author to arrive. She arrived late but we were too busy eating and drinking and enjoying good company to notice. At 9pm, two hours after the show was meant to start, she graced us with her presence. It was a nice candid conversation and the night went well. Just before the actual book signing, everyone was mingling when the author came to my friend (a fellow celeb) whom I was standing with and gave her a hug and started chatting away. I was totally ignored, like I was a ghost with no business standing there in the first place. I was totally amazed by this because she stood right across from me and not even a smile to acknowledge my presence.  I stood there awkwardly for about 2 minutes then slowly walked away to get myself another drink. That was strike two after making us wait 2 hours for your arrival; you ignore your guests like we had nothing better to do on a Friday night.

I wasn’t annoyed by this, now I wanted to have my book signed and go home. So I stood in the queue and as I got the front, I went through few words I wanted to pass on to her, some really encouraging words to pass on my best wishes. Before I could say anything, she took my book and started signing it while simultaneously talking to one of her event coordinators. She handed me back the book with the most disingenuous smile known to man and she was reaching to the book of the person behind me like we were on a factory conveyor belt. STRIKE 3.

I was fed up at this point and just wanted to leave as soon as possible. All I kept thinking about was my warm bed and my son waiting for me at home. Showing support to a fellow woman, naija woman at that left a very sour taste in my mouth and the funny thing is I kept giving excuses for her poor taste until I couldn’t anymore. The more I told the story, the more I realised she had behaved in a way that was unacceptable. Till this day I never read that book. I had it by my bedside for weeks hoping to read a chapter at a time just before bed but every time I saw it, I remembered that night and consequently put the book on my bookshelf downstairs with the rest of my books. I decided from that moment on, I will not do it again. If you host a show, by all means I will purchase tickets, launch a book, I will show my support by buying your book,  but for me to leave the comfort of my house to come support you, meet and greet nonsense, hell no! I am done supporting.

I hope this hasn’t put you guys off though. That was my experience, yours will be better IJN Amen.

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Get out of jail free card (how to obtain)

If you are a man and you made it here, congratulations, you see? Multi tasking is possible for you if you put you mind to it. If you are a woman and you made it here, nice to see you AGAIN. Happy international womens day to you my beauties.

My question to men now, do you want a get out if jail free card for the months of March, April and May?(Possibly June ). Tired of sleeping on the couch or being in the dog house? If your answer is yes then feel free to proceed and follow instructions set below.

Forget her birthday (3 days in the dog house)

Forget your anniversary (1 week in the dog house)

Forget mothers day? (Call for a young priest and an old priest ) because she is gonna kill your ass 😂😂


Mothers day is a day we love to be celebrated, we just want to hear "you are not doing bad kiddo" because believe it or not we are ALL just winging it in this game of parenthood and trying our best not to fall asleep and mess it all up. Appreciation, recognition, praise and validation is something that not only makes mothers happy, but it just helps us reset and refocus and improve in the task ahead of us (more mother hooding).


When celebrating mothers day, don't take it lightly. It is NOT enough to buy her a present and a card to show appreciation. Go over and beyond, show her she is loved, cherished and put an effort in making the day a very special day for her, also involve the kids in everything you do so they grow up appreciating their wives too.

Ideas on going over and beyond   - Get you kids to make hand made cards and write a letter to mummy, it will melt her heart (extra step- get them to write a poem)   - Breakfast in bed will score you a few points   - You don't have to arrange a mothers day lunch out, I'm personally think it is too crowded and more expensive than usual but arrange lunch/dinner. Order in or rustle up something yourself   - present her with an appreciation gift please nothing generic like perfume unless she specifically asked for it. Dig for info, ask the shop assistant, make that little more effort and give more thought to the gift   - Let her rest up like a queen! Take charge. Take the kids out for a good few hours so she can catch up on sleep. Arrange snacks just in case she wants to Netflix and chill with her own damn self 😂   - Beauty treatments is also a plus and will not go amiss, massage, manicure and pedicure, facials are good ones to book for her   - Buy her flower from the FLORIST!!!!! none of that supermarket flowery nonsense or mail order flowers. Go to the florist and order a nice bunch   - In a few words be everything to her that day, cheerleader, breakfast maker, children sorter, lunch orderer and an example to the kids showing appreciation for mummy. This is a concise list and just a few ideas but you know best how your significant other feels love, make her feel special and let your kiddos see you do this. Send my cheque in the mail will ya? 😂 . Below is a little outline and ideas of last minute gifts that can be purchased so you can still salvage this.  

For gift ideas just incase you are having a gift block.

  From Amazon(because prime will save your lastminute ass)

Beauty treatments gift cards

- Champneys gift cards and treatments here

- Treatwell gift cards here

- Hammam spa



- Chocolate tasting and cocktail making experience

- Afternoon tea for two at the Ritz here

- Amazing views from the Shard London here

- Gourmet champagne cinema experience here


Mums all over the world, let me use this opportunity to thank you for all the work you do, all the efforts, sleepless nights, you are doing freaking great. God bless and keep at it because without you where would the world be today? Happy mothers day to all of you, you are appreciated. You better be forwarding this to your partners for a bit of Buttercup free education.

About this outfit


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