New resolutions in this day and age?

I have a long standing tradition of making my resolutions on my birthday rather than at the New Year, considering that my birthday is in December, it might not count but for me it is a 27 day advantage on all of y’all and that is a win . In the past my new year resolution list looked something like ‘I will go to the gym 8 days a week, I will eat salad for the rest of my life,  I  will apply for the Managing director post going in my office, I will climb mount Kilomanjaro with nothing more than a pogo stick and and mac eye lashes . These days I take a different approach and I am about to share it with you. Getting to the ripe old age of early 30’s (very early oh for all of you that have brought out your phone calculator *rolls eyes*) I am starting to attach goals more to adventures and living a full life rather than things like career goals, financial goals etc. I want to do things that I will remember, things that will excite me, things that will expand my mind and make me see the world around me. So I have 3 simple goals for 2016 ● 5 countries, 10 Cities, Adventure of    a life time ● Be better than the day before ● Meditate daily  It shouldn’t be so difficult right? This doesn’t even need an explanation.  Now those are just the so called resolutions. I also have a list 30 things to do before 30, it didn’t really pan out when it was originally written and I didn’t do everything I set out to do so the list continues and will be conquered in 2016 IJN do I hear an amen? Some things on my list include very simple things in life that will get me make me look back and smile, I will give you a sneak preview. 1. Visit a Turkish Hamam and get the scrub of my life. image 2. Visit the ice bar in London image 3. Outdoor cinema experience image 4. Water jet skiing image 5. Visit the Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland image My mantra for 2016. If it exites you, do it, it will make you happy. First post of 2016, many more to come. Until next time buttercups. Buziaki.

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