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My Newyork trip: Rugrat in the city

I have been to New york city many times before but this was the first trip with my little one and his first city holiday.

While my city trips usually have an itinerary of FOOD, FEEDING, CONSUMING and some kind of "Museuming", it had to be different this time because one, my son eats nothing apart from plain pasta and chips and two, he is so restless on the dinner table so I had to put in the effort to find other entertainment to the detriment of getting nutrients into my body.

I was quite nervous at first taking a child to a big bustling city, how can I entertain him? How can I do things he loves and still have time for my past times. I quickly snapped out of my fear and thought, I live in a mega city myself and I find things for my child to do at home so why not here in NYC.

My ultimate plan began, and schedule started looking something like this, child activity- cocktail on a rooftop- child activity- Food and more cocktails- then food and drink planning for the next day after all we need food and drink to stay alive right? RIGHT!

1.The first place we visited was The NFL experience in Times square. It is an interactive place where you get to experience what the NFL feels and sounds like, with a 5d cinema, the experience was exciting and mesmerising for the little man. Prices start from $33 per person

2. THE RIDE NYC- Forget about taking a tour on the regular open top buses, the ride has taken city tours into the 21st century. A comic tour of the city on a party bus with epic street performances, there is no better way to see the city. Tip: take the tour at night and take the risk and book on the day. Our last minute booking saved us $28 dollars each.

3. Duncan's Candy shop- Lets just say my lil one lost his damn mind in this candy store, there are a few scattered around the city. Make sure you visit the cafe and try one of their Sundaes, they do it big I tell ya.

4. Central park tour on a Rickshaw or horse drawn carriage - We went on the Rickshaw and it was a nice tour and cheaper than the latter. They riders knew every movie that was shot in the park and they tailor the tour to children's movies and shows if there is a child on board. Your Rickshaw driver is also your photographer, use him well to get epic shots

5. Statue of Liberty tour- If you are with kids my advice is to do the tour where you see the statue of liberty from the water, it is a great view and only a 2 hour tour. Longer tours (4 hours) that include going to Ellis Island and require queuing to get to the top may be too long for the little ones.

Image result for statue of liberty cruise

FOOD (Alero, do not be a slave to food I told myself several times a day in NYC).

1. After eating a truck load of Shake Shack I thought it was time for a change. I stumbled across a petite crepe place Vive La Crepe on Columbus and 68th. With sweet and savory crepes, there is something for everyone. I loved the egg, bacon and cheese crepe.

Image result for viva la crepe nyc

2. Black tap was an awesome burger place just one block from where we stayed in Mid town Manhattan 55th W and 8th Avenue. We always saw massive queues in front and thought this is a good sign. With their brioche burgers, crispy chicken wings and amazing sundaes, who could resist. Tip: don't let the queues put you off, we stood in the 45 minute queue for only 10 minutes because a table for 5 became available so we jumped the queue to our delight.

Image result for black tap nyc

3. Miss Lillys Caribbean restaurant down town. With its beautiful retro vibe, excellent decor and amazing food, whats not to love. When I tell you I haven't had better oxtail and Mac and cheese before in my life, please believe me, it is not an exaggeration. The food was smashinginly delicious, Caribbean food at its finest. It wasn't cheap though so hol' ya dalla dalla bills.

Image result for miss lily's new york

Image result for miss lily's new york food

4. Ichiumi-  Although we literally got chased down the road for a tip ( no kidding, my first instinct was run but I had a child with me and I had called an uber already so I knew running was a bad idea 😂), the food was decent. A Japanese buffet restaurant with the buffet area as long as half a football pitch, variety was the man of the match (see what I did there? get it?)

Image result for ichiumi

Newyork city was a great mixture of culinary experience and fun things to do with kids. After my trip I wondered why I was so nervous in the first place. With some careful planning and great friends, I would do it again and again.

One thing for sure about NYC is every time I visit, I see the hustle on the street and I top up on my hustle spirit and I am raring to go. #CEO gang. #We aspire.

Thanks for reading and see you back soon Buttercups 😘😘😘

  Ps: not all photos are mine (Not about to see the inside of a courtroom anytime soon)

Statement neck piece (Why not)

How is your summer wardrobe coming along. Start getting pieces together for now to avoid a sudden rush in June/July, I find that this helps put together a more coherent summer capsule wardrobe.

My holiday to Malta was amazing by the way, a proper blog post is coming up. This post is just to appreciate my dear friend GUAA collections for this beautiful hand crafted necklace she made especially for me. I intended to use it as a bikini cover up (hide my under construction summer body lol) but ended up wearing it as a statement piece with this minimal jumpsuit. Totally loved it and the compliments I got were off the scale.

Outfit deets

Necklace GUAA 

Jumpsuit Asos here

Earrings Mango here

Until next time buttercups.

Spring inspired look continued 

Although I am on holiday I am still continuing my spring looks. This time I am focusing on bags for spring.  I usually purchase one inexpensive bag every year and either go for a straw bag or wooden bag. Below are my purchases from TK maxx the last two years which I still rock on a regular. I have put an outfit together around my newest addition to my bag collection. Some style tips when getting your spring bag. I am sure you all know about the cult Gaia bag that every blogger owns. I want this bag, I need it ?. It is a bit pricy at $120 for the original bag but if it lasts you 3 summers and 3 springs, it has worked and is worth it. See some of my favourite bloggers below that have rocked this bag like a boss. link to Cult Gaia bag These bags are on my personal wish list. I just love these bags but I am patient and shall wait  Eugenia Kim bag above is my ultimate wish list. I am so in love. Although it doesn't have much space to put all your beach essentials or shopping in, we all have to make sacrifices in life don't we, if this is my cross, I will carry it lawd ?. Munn bag above is also petite but beautiful. I love the bow detail. Last on my wishlist is this little gem from Moda Operandi  So back to earth and when I say earth I mean high street affordable bags This minimalist Glamorous bag for £31 is certainly a keeper Swim spot bag for £40 Matalan have a small range that are very fashionable in various sizes and styles . My outfit details Shoes and skirt - River Island Top-Missguided  Bag- ebay Until next time buttercups ?

One thing you need for spring

Florals, florals and more florals. I have stocked up on my favourites and I will mix and match them to death I tell you, to death!!!! Lol. I got this skirt from Marks and Spencer last summer and it has served me. And I paired it with an off shoulder stripe shirt, florals and stripe are always a match made in heaven  Straw hat similar here Off shoulder shirt from boohoo M&S skirt (old) Bag from TK maxx  Below are some of my fav high street pieces  Floral River Island trousers River Island floral top River Island Floral skirt I love this sheer dress from River Island too This missguided dress is so easy, beautiful soft colours with frills and soft flowers. I am in love  Not all florals are equal. All my purchases are currently leaning towards Japanese looking prints. I am so feeling love for this dress not only with the Japanese print but also the kimono sleeves and belt.  Who can resist  wide leg trousers. These babies from Marks and Spencer are just the right colour ?. Now let me take you to a secret place where men are trying to wear florals y'all. Did the bible not warn of such atrocities? Men in women's clothing? ?. Asos has some seriously floral fantastic pieces for men. This made me angry at first, like sue worthy anger. But I calmed down when I realised that we could wear mens clothing and not bat an eyelid.  Can you see how delicious these print trousers are ? ASOS mens print trousers So buttercups, head on to the shops and swap your winter knits for floral magic.  Until next time ? 

Blogging from NYC the fashion capital of the world

Ok as you all know I went on holiday to NYC this summer. Needless I say it was amazing. I had been to Newyork twice before but I just went shopping. This time I mixed it up with touristy behaviour as well and I don't regret it one bit.  Five things  I love about Newyork 1. Beergarita (Lucy's Cantina Penn station) Google beergarita now (don't fall my hand). Heavenly combination of Corona beer in a frozen margarita (Gerra-ra-here). It was delicious, it was a cheeky refreshing drink at 2pm in the afternoon after being abused by Newyork sun.  The funny thing is that my sister and my friend Annette the vampire slayer who were at lunch with me didn't even question drinking in the middle of the day (real alcoholics). Trick me once shame on you, trick me twice , shame on you times two lol. My sister took me there again and we repeated thesame shameless behaviour. Shay... shay....shay... Shame on you Omas.     2. The Halal guys (54th and 6th avenue) NYC is truly the street food capital of the world. The halal guys got a fair chunk of our Dalla Dalla bills. The food was delish and cheap. Chicken or lamb shish with falafel was $7 (shut up and take my money).  Several meals later with hot sauce, good morning my neighbours.        3. Central Park  It was a bit fascinating that a massive park was planned bang in the middle of a big city. Viewing it from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building I was like wow. I loved how you can actually travel across the city walking or cycling through the park. It was great fun renting a bike and just riding without direction or purpose. Very liberating.          4. Getting around  Going from A to B in NYC was easy, numbered street in order, higher numbers going uptown and lower figures downtown. The subway was so easy to access and navigate. I am used to the London Underground so found it easy. But please taxi it up if you don't want your hand totally "falled" in a city where you could be anything you wanted actress, singer, model, song writer, fashion blogger, anything, no one knows you, act like a celeb. Don't act like a tourist cos you will get over charged for everything.  5. Afro punk Brooklyn If you haven't seen my post on Afro punk please keep scrolling to the end of this post.  Finally how can you go to NYC and not do a fashion post. Here it goes, just for the sake of being in Newyork Newyork babay.                           Err-thang was from Nordstrom apart from the sunglasses which are Mercura NYC. See next post. Afro punk

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