Can we firmly leave this trend in 2016? 

You guessed it. Denim on denim upon denim upon more denim. How can we forget the red carpet turn up of Britney and Justin Timberland back in the day ???.  I bet you that red carpet never forgot the day it got a throw up of indigo and cowboyness. It was really hard to watch and I am sure JT and  Britney? Cringe everytime they see this picture (bet Britney is like "That look was lit and still is") Fast forward to 2013/2014, Rih and Bey started reinventing this look and making it cool again. And trust fashion bloggers to run with it. It has been trending for 2-3 years but I think it is time to retire it.  For those of us who seem to be one step behind trends, here are some rules on how to wear denim on denim. 1. Mismatch the denim.  Throw in different shades and textures in there.  Light and dark, soft and hard denim, ripped and non ripped. Please don't be Britney , don't monotone your look. 2. Wear with character. Play with badges, brooches, hats, anything to break it up a bit. Check out Rih and Bey with their channel badges 3. Try a variety of pieces. It doesn't always have to be a shirt and skirt or jean trousers. Try a duster coat, a jacket, or dungarees to make it look more interesting  Lastly pair it up with nude pumps which  seem to be a blogger/ celeb favourite  Here is how I styled mine.  I wore dungarees with a distressed denim jacket and a fedora hat. Also threw in green pumps to give it a pop of colour.  Well there you have it. If in doubt, put the denim down and walk the other way, no body will judge you -?. Until next time buttercups. 

Best of Boxing day sales 2016 (GO GO GO!!!!)

I can write a  whole paragraph about this post but I bet you will just skip right past it to get to the juicy bits. I will not waste your time, things are selling out fast so please get to it now FROM COAST - Wedding season starts in April so stock up on dresses. Up to 50% off. Highlight: Half price on most gorgeous dresses   FROM VERY.CO.UK Up to 50% off. Highlight: Lots of brands to choose from for half price   RIVER ISLAND. 50% off. Highlight: Many casual dresses you can buy and keep till summer where you can proudly wear them as vintage pieces lol ZARA. Sale but not much of a discount knowing the arrogance of Zara (rolls eyes). Highlight: Key pieces to add to your wardrobe. SELFRIDGES for the people who want to splurge. Up to 50% off. Highlight: Many designer sunglasses and watches on sale. Trolling thousands of items just to get the best deals for you guys ?.Until next time buttercups

Wardrobe must have alert: Crisp white shirt

If you don't have a crisp white shirt in your wardrobe, look in the wardrobe of your other half, you will find one. I realised my husband has 379 crisp white shirts and I wondered why until it occurred to me 1.It is timeless 2. What happens when you pour palm oil on it, you need a back up ? 3. You can live in a crisp white shirt and jeans season after season, hot or cold weather and you will still look fly 4. Did I mention it was comfortable?  Four good reasons to go out and buy or nick one from a wardrobe near you.  One thing to consider when making this purchase, spend some money on this purchase, you will have it for a couple of years and will get a good wear out of it. Mine is oversize but I am also looking to purchase another, not slim fit but not oversize. See below how I styled it with palazzo trousers Shirt: Weekday stores Trousers : Mules: Forever 21 Earrings: Hnm Until next time mi lovelies. 

DIY your own sock boots

I saw the designer sock boots first on the Kardashian's, I think they were Kanyes brand and they cost something ridiculous like $600. I was like e mi keh, I can't buy such things, God forbid bad thing ???.Lo and behold I started seeing DIY versions on instagram, that's when I realised that really and truly Warri cannot carry last. I did my research and here is what you need 1. A thick pair of sports socks from here 2. Non slip shoe pads- from here 3. A pair of pointy court shoes from your wardrobe  Step 1 Put the socks over the heels completely Step 2 Cut a hole where the heel is. Make sure the hole is very small, the sock is stretchy and will expand for the heel to come through  Step 3 When happy with the positioning of the sock, peel the back of the shoe pads and stick it on the sock under the shoe. Dass all  You have spent £5 and saved a tonne of money. Thank me later ?. see my look below. These socks all from forever 21 are and will surely be my next projects. Until another time buttercups. Dont forget to tag me on your projects. 

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