From this day forth, I will never buy another dress AGAIN. 

Getting ready for wedding season? What outfits are you going to Slay in Summer 2017. Well I have a ritual that happens most summers. I take out my summer and occassion dresses around May and see which ones I can reinvent and which ones need to go on eBay.  I realised that the more glam and expensive ones are the first to go into the latter pile because they were just too extra to be rocked again. I got fed up and declared that I will not buy a dress again. So what do I do when shopping for a wedding outfit? Buy separates. I shall reveal to you my secret that has saved me millions of hard earned cash.  My outfit here cost me £33, T-H-I-R-T-Y   T-H-R-E-E  P-O-U-N-D-S? I hear you say. YELS, I say back to you. I am wearing a top from asos £20 and a skirt from Boohoo £13. If I bought this as a dress it would have cost nothing less than £120 so I saved myself a fortune. This top I shall rock with jeans for a night out and a full skirt for another occasion. *throwing in a pic of my Christian Grey for effect* ? An alternative outfit I purchased just to have options and to illustrate different ways to wear are below. Sequin top from Newlook and 3d skirt from Asos. Going to a wedding, I would pair it with metallic ruffle shoes and a floral clutch bag like this. For a simple day look, I would pair the skirt with a white tshirt a back pack and Stan smith's.  For a night time look, pair the top with black skinny jeans and some black pointy shoes. So your separates have worked well for you rather than a dress that is pretty much everything useless after you wear it once.  My tips when buying separates 1. Miss match the top and bottoms slightly, similar colours but different textures and fabrics so it still looks like a dress.  2. How can you can wear both items either dressed up or down is something to consider at point of purchase. There is no need buying a skirt with a train because you will not be able to wear it again. 3. Stick to classic shapes. A very distinctive top might be more difficult to pull off a different way in similar crowds. 4. When wearing with another outfit think outside the box and wear with confidence.  I really want to know if anyone is really reading this. If you are please drop a comment, make my day ??. Until next time buttercups.

Wild weekends in shorts

Standing on a table jirating to "gangsters paradise" sounds like something a drunk uncle will do at a wedding just before peeing himself and passing out.  Minus the drunkenness, this was how my weekend was spent twerking to a surprisingly banging live band. I partied hard and got to my peak at the ripe time of 11.30pm when my uber who was probably 20 minutes away was claiming only four Uber minutes from pick up. I was prepared for this night, and I knew that my 6 weeks of cardio and strength training before hand AND my array food supplements would get me over the 9.30pm mark. Two hours later I was still going if not for that running man move that nearly robbed me of  my knee caps?.  As the live band continued to give hit after hit, I looked around the room estimating people's ages by the songs they knew the actual lyrics to. Ma'am you are singing gangsters paradise from start to end, you are 40 years old, oga mi how do you know that MJ song that only came out on record?you were in high school in 1983 when the album came out therefore you are  53 years of age gbam. It was a great night and I have scheduled another for May 2018 which I have a year to prepare for so I am not worried in the slightest *flicks hair and starts to twerk then pulls back so has to sit ass back down* I look back at my youth, not very far behind me (I am a millennial may I add) and I think of the late nights I kept, I think of the 3 hour dance cardio at the club, the precise coordination of dragging 20 (yes TWENTY) friends to the club for your birthday all at their own risks.  Now to get 5 friends out will be met with excuses like "I am still recovering from my gym class from last week", "my child ate my entire outfit,yes, sequins and all", "my passport has just expired this morning " (HUH!). I am not excluding myself from this as I am as guilty but from this moment I promise to do better, to say yes more, to make memories and to enjoy my life.  Let me get into this outfit. I call this summertime fly. I have always known blues suit my skin tone. Royal blue, turquiose, aqua, baby blue have all been my colour. I saw this tailored look and knew it was for me.  Although I wouldn't wear this to work but I will show you how tailored shorts can be worn this summer in a sophisticated way. My tips and tricks 1. Make sure the shorts are at knee level  or not far above. Preferably a bit loose round the hips and thighs to show off the tailored look.   2. Wear with a covered up look on the top, either a blazer or oversized shirt or a blouse.    3. Kitten heels or flats are best to show off your shorts and play with colour. Outfit deets  Shorts and blazer- Dorothy Perkins Shoes- Dorothy Perkins Blouse Mango Sunglasses Celine Don't say I never did anything for y'all ?. Until next time buttercups. 

My face when someone says “red is your colour”

The compliments kept coming during this shoot and my strides became longer, bolder, more confident like a Lagos London commercial flight full of people who knew what they wanted in life, the opportunity to spend money and boost the UK economy.  "Red is definitely your colour" "You look so good in red" "You look like you are going somewhere, please take me there" I allowed these kind words bathe my mind and hours later found myself on the oasis of online fashion (Asos) with my search results looking like.... My new mantra RED = PAWA. Since this post coincides with the American mothers day, I am going to make this post about working mothers who many times are running a business too. You need to wear red every damn day with a Cape that says  "SUPERMAN WHO?" (Can he even multi task ?) Mother's, you are awesome You are ENOUGH! You are doing a GOOD JOB! You are STRONG You are ABLE You are a WARRIOR Please take out time to appreciate yourself daily. Buy yourself a gift and pat yourself on the back because mama, you are magical.  Outfit deets Jumpsuit: Boohoo here Hat: TK sale here Earrings: Etsy here  Until next time ☺.

The “free” item that will change your wardrobe

Happy Monday guys. This week I am full of hope and aspirations. I have done my "to do" list for the week, my haka dance has been completed (in private) and I am good to go.  Before I get into the ootd, I will like to give you the gist of how I embarrassed myself at the gym last week ?. Here we go. I got back from school run one faithful morning and decided to go straight to the gym. While wrestling with the decision of what point to take off my wig through out the entire trip, I decided I will do it slyly in the car once I park up at the gym just to avoid changing room palaver. So that's what I did.  Took it off so fast that superman himself with his laser vision wouldn't have noticed.  Put on my sunglasses and bounced into the gym. I was feeling good, about to get my workout on, murder some fat cells, pump some iron. So my routine began: Stair climber - 15 minutes, lateral ski master - 20 minutes and then to the floor exercise,  I was about to flex muscles and show them who is boss. Half way through my routine I catch some stares but I am all good, I can deadlift 60kg don’t y’all worry about my slender self ?, slim fit init ?. I am strolling past the muscle mirror when was forced to take a double look, I almost fainted!!!! body and spirit collapsed in perfect sync ?. Father take control of this situation. Ladies and gentlemen my wig cap was still on my head the whole damn time, I cried out to the Lord, whyyyyyyy!!!! Why do bad things happen to good pipo ?. I was mortified, to everyone else I was wearing tights on my head like a crazy person. I was crazy and they knew it guys.  So damage control mode activated after some hot tears of humiliation and cries of anguish. What do I do now, do I take it off before more people see me or do I style it out? Style it out it was because Warri cannot what? carry last.  So I got me some kettle bells, took my wig cap off, wore it on my palm and started lifting the kettle bells. Wig cap turned kettle bells gloves ?, dass how we roll up in hurr. That was my story y'all.  No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, my village pipo did not win this one. Now that you have all laughed at my expense and I have entertained you this Monday morning.  Let me say a thing or two about my outfit. White shirt: FREE, stolen from my husbands closet. Trust me to take the most expensive crisp one. This is mine now, he has about one million of these so boy bye ?. Distressed jeans shorts: Primark £12 I have loved these knee length jeans since I saw them on Kim K.  My baby boy needs no introductions *flicks hair* That's all from me guys. Until next time.

Focus on Nigerian fashion brands: Ms edivine 

I have featured a few of Ms edivine designs recently on instagram and to be honest I love every piece that was sent to me. Easy to wear ankara pieces that just speak to my print soul. This dress is my absolute favourite availabke in two colours. Check out the website for more designs from this amazing brand.    This easy to wear dress is amazing and can be dressed up or down. I wore this to a friends birthday, I didn't want to look super dressy but wanted to look good too (you know how we do ?). Next time I will tell you of the most embarrassing thing that happened to me last week. Oh gash. Until next time buttercups. 

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