From this day forth, I will never buy another dress AGAIN. 

Getting ready for wedding season? What outfits are you going to Slay in Summer 2017. Well I have a ritual that happens most summers. I take out my summer and occassion dresses around May and see which ones I can reinvent and which ones need to go on eBay.  I realised that the more glam and expensive ones are the first to go into the latter pile because they were just too extra to be rocked again. I got fed up and declared that I will not buy a dress again. So what do I do when shopping for a wedding outfit? Buy separates. I shall reveal to you my secret that has saved me millions of hard earned cash.  My outfit here cost me £33, T-H-I-R-T-Y   T-H-R-E-E  P-O-U-N-D-S? I hear you say. YELS, I say back to you. I am wearing a top from asos £20 and a skirt from Boohoo £13. If I bought this as a dress it would have cost nothing less than £120 so I saved myself a fortune. This top I shall rock with jeans for a night out and a full skirt for another occasion. *throwing in a pic of my Christian Grey for effect* ? An alternative outfit I purchased just to have options and to illustrate different ways to wear are below. Sequin top from Newlook and 3d skirt from Asos. Going to a wedding, I would pair it with metallic ruffle shoes and a floral clutch bag like this. For a simple day look, I would pair the skirt with a white tshirt a back pack and Stan smith's.  For a night time look, pair the top with black skinny jeans and some black pointy shoes. So your separates have worked well for you rather than a dress that is pretty much everything useless after you wear it once.  My tips when buying separates 1. Miss match the top and bottoms slightly, similar colours but different textures and fabrics so it still looks like a dress.  2. How can you can wear both items either dressed up or down is something to consider at point of purchase. There is no need buying a skirt with a train because you will not be able to wear it again. 3. Stick to classic shapes. A very distinctive top might be more difficult to pull off a different way in similar crowds. 4. When wearing with another outfit think outside the box and wear with confidence.  I really want to know if anyone is really reading this. If you are please drop a comment, make my day ??. Until next time buttercups.

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  1. Funke
    May 30, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    Wawuuuu…. To think i’ve been wasting hard earned cash on dresses!!!! Thank you!!!!! Please send your account details so i can send you the difference ??

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