Midi is not a naughty word

Some people like it short, some people like is long, but my friends Average (midi) can be just as satisfying. Take your filthy minds out of filthville and concentrate for once in your lives ?. I am talking Midi skirts.  I love midi skirts just because of its versatility.you can wear it to work and dress it up for a wedding. It is a key item in my wardrobe and I never hesitate to buy more when the opportunity arises.  I need not say more. Have a look of how midis have been rocked by bloggers far and wide and get inspiration.   I went for a sporty look. Substitute my heels with trainers and you have an excellent sports Luxe outfit  Top: she inside  Skirt: Asos Bag: River Island  Accessories (so old): Mango Thanks for reading. Until next time buttercups. Buziaki 

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