Can we firmly leave this trend in 2016? 

You guessed it. Denim on denim upon denim upon more denim. How can we forget the red carpet turn up of Britney and Justin Timberland back in the day ???.  I bet you that red carpet never forgot the day it got a throw up of indigo and cowboyness. It was really hard to watch and I am sure JT and  Britney? Cringe everytime they see this picture (bet Britney is like "That look was lit and still is") Fast forward to 2013/2014, Rih and Bey started reinventing this look and making it cool again. And trust fashion bloggers to run with it. It has been trending for 2-3 years but I think it is time to retire it.  For those of us who seem to be one step behind trends, here are some rules on how to wear denim on denim. 1. Mismatch the denim.  Throw in different shades and textures in there.  Light and dark, soft and hard denim, ripped and non ripped. Please don't be Britney , don't monotone your look. 2. Wear with character. Play with badges, brooches, hats, anything to break it up a bit. Check out Rih and Bey with their channel badges 3. Try a variety of pieces. It doesn't always have to be a shirt and skirt or jean trousers. Try a duster coat, a jacket, or dungarees to make it look more interesting  Lastly pair it up with nude pumps which  seem to be a blogger/ celeb favourite  Here is how I styled mine.  I wore dungarees with a distressed denim jacket and a fedora hat. Also threw in green pumps to give it a pop of colour.  Well there you have it. If in doubt, put the denim down and walk the other way, no body will judge you -?. Until next time buttercups. 

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