The tomboy in me…

I was a massive tomboy growing up, always with the guys climbing guava trees, riding bmx bikes, playing football and table tennis. I loved it. All I heard from grown ups around me were "Alero go inside, if you have scars you will not see husband to marry" lol, that is another blog post for another day.  Back to being a tomboy. I remember also in secondary school I will dress up like a boy to do mimes to boys 2 men (ok laugh now and forever hold your peace). I thought those tomboy days were behind me after I became responsible and got married 😂, I am even a mother (over responsiblility is my current situation 😂😭). I find myself still dabbling with boyish clothes because I don't like tight fitting clothes (my perfect figure 8 and chopping board abs have been drawing too much attention to me *damsel in distress*). Here is an oversized outfit I put together, my husband was like at least wear heels naw *rolls eyes*, now he thinks he is Kanye West. Purlese. Lol. What do you think?   

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