This trend is never going away

... so get on it and tailor it the way you feel comfortable.   C O L O U R   B L O C K I N G My love for colour is no secret, colour blocking was made for me. As for you monochromist, don't switch off, I found a way for you to wear colour so you dont fry up like a 400 year old vampire in the hot African sun.  I block with any colour at all, I block with colours that are not even real like Mauve, Azure and beige. Oh lawd beige, lets not go there, beige is DEAD to me now so let's move on.  There are hardly any rules and there are a million ways to block.  Below, this fabulous blogger has stuck to similar colours and paired with a neutral coat to make it chic. Below, the colours are a bit bolder. Blues and greens are very wintery colours and work so well together. If you are that scared of bold colours, please choose softer colours like baby pink. Go for more pastels colours and pair with greys, camels.  For people who out rightly hate colour (YOU MONSTER YOU!), add white to the mix and colour blocking with accessories like your hand bag or shoes. In a true fashion as the Queen of colour, I have gone for the brightest in the land. I feel like Joseph with his multi colour coat strutting myself down the streets of London like I own the place ?.  What I am wearing  Jumper: H&m Skirt: H&m Shoes: Dune Bag: River Island  That's all for me folks, I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please comment below what you think. Until next time buttercups. 

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