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I am not an expert on skin care but over the years I have found some products that work for me. I remember a few years ago trying out the Botanics range from Boots, worst mistake of my life, it left my skin dry and blotchy. I tried a few others which really let me down. Until one day this lady at Elizabeth Arden said to me "you don't have to buy all your products from one place yano, find products from far and wide and when you see what works for you stick to it". That's what I have done for the past 4 years ish. CLEANSER Let me start with the best cleanser I have used. Organic pharmacy carrot butter cleanser. It is oily but does the job. You apply it directly to the face and wipe off with a damp flannel. I tell you it takes ALL of your makeup and dirt off and leave face feeling soft and moisturised. Even in the morning when you wake up, the skin is still so soft. I must warn you it is a bit pricey at £40 but that small jar lasts for like 4-5 months.     TONER I also use organic pharmacy herbal toner (I hear what you are saying right now, Alero you don't hear word, the lady said shop around lol). To be honest I never knew what toners were for, I always thought it was for people that whitened their skin. Anyways I still don't know what it does but I use it before moisturising and it cools the skin and seems to be a good base for the moisturiser. I like it. (Now off to Wikipedia to find out what a toner is really for).     MOISTURISER I use Aveeno daily moisture for body and face (which is a no no in the skin care bible) but I don't really care. As I said I did that it works for me for several reasons. It keeps the face moisturised all day plus when I apply it before my makeup my face isn't oily but still feels moisturised.     In the past I used the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream with SPF 50 but it was really heavy on the skin. Very thick and oily. If only there was another face moisturiser with SPF higher than 30 that doesn't leave the face oily (if you know of any let me know).     EXFOLIATOR To be honest I haven't found one that works for me. I don't mean a weak daily Exfoliator that does absolutely nothing for you, I am talking about hard core grains that will scrub off this dead cells. Please if you know of any comment below.  Some handy alternatives for periods of austerity when skin care products were not on the budget. Coconut oil cleanses very well. I love coconut oil on the hair and skin. I clean off all makeup with coconut oil and then wash and then use also as a moisturiser before going to bed. It's handy to buy coconut oil in a jar rather than a bottle because it hardens and is difficult to get out in a bottle.     These are a few of my favourite things. As I said find what works for you and don't chop and change products because it works for your friend. Find what works and stick to it.

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