Get out of jail free card (how to obtain)

If you are a man and you made it here, congratulations, you see? Multi tasking is possible for you if you put you mind to it. If you are a woman and you made it here, nice to see you AGAIN. Happy international womens day to you my beauties.

My question to men now, do you want a get out if jail free card for the months of March, April and May?(Possibly June ). Tired of sleeping on the couch or being in the dog house? If your answer is yes then feel free to proceed and follow instructions set below.

Forget her birthday (3 days in the dog house)

Forget your anniversary (1 week in the dog house)

Forget mothers day? (Call for a young priest and an old priest ) because she is gonna kill your ass 😂😂


Mothers day is a day we love to be celebrated, we just want to hear "you are not doing bad kiddo" because believe it or not we are ALL just winging it in this game of parenthood and trying our best not to fall asleep and mess it all up. Appreciation, recognition, praise and validation is something that not only makes mothers happy, but it just helps us reset and refocus and improve in the task ahead of us (more mother hooding).


When celebrating mothers day, don't take it lightly. It is NOT enough to buy her a present and a card to show appreciation. Go over and beyond, show her she is loved, cherished and put an effort in making the day a very special day for her, also involve the kids in everything you do so they grow up appreciating their wives too.

Ideas on going over and beyond   - Get you kids to make hand made cards and write a letter to mummy, it will melt her heart (extra step- get them to write a poem)   - Breakfast in bed will score you a few points   - You don't have to arrange a mothers day lunch out, I'm personally think it is too crowded and more expensive than usual but arrange lunch/dinner. Order in or rustle up something yourself   - present her with an appreciation gift please nothing generic like perfume unless she specifically asked for it. Dig for info, ask the shop assistant, make that little more effort and give more thought to the gift   - Let her rest up like a queen! Take charge. Take the kids out for a good few hours so she can catch up on sleep. Arrange snacks just in case she wants to Netflix and chill with her own damn self 😂   - Beauty treatments is also a plus and will not go amiss, massage, manicure and pedicure, facials are good ones to book for her   - Buy her flower from the FLORIST!!!!! none of that supermarket flowery nonsense or mail order flowers. Go to the florist and order a nice bunch   - In a few words be everything to her that day, cheerleader, breakfast maker, children sorter, lunch orderer and an example to the kids showing appreciation for mummy. This is a concise list and just a few ideas but you know best how your significant other feels love, make her feel special and let your kiddos see you do this. Send my cheque in the mail will ya? 😂 . Below is a little outline and ideas of last minute gifts that can be purchased so you can still salvage this.  

For gift ideas just incase you are having a gift block.

  From Amazon(because prime will save your lastminute ass)

Beauty treatments gift cards

- Champneys gift cards and treatments here

- Treatwell gift cards here

- Hammam spa



- Chocolate tasting and cocktail making experience

- Afternoon tea for two at the Ritz here

- Amazing views from the Shard London here

- Gourmet champagne cinema experience here


Mums all over the world, let me use this opportunity to thank you for all the work you do, all the efforts, sleepless nights, you are doing freaking great. God bless and keep at it because without you where would the world be today? Happy mothers day to all of you, you are appreciated. You better be forwarding this to your partners for a bit of Buttercup free education.

About this outfit


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Until next time Buttercups

What does underwear mean to you?

It was about 6.30pm on a Wednesday evening, I was on a packed train from Oxford circus just trying to survive the rush hour of sweaty pits and bacteria so big you could kill them like mosquitos by slapping your palms together. It was a regular ole evening with regular ole passengers until suddenly the crowd started to part like the Red sea. A beautiful, slim, brown skin girl with thick curly hair walks in with such aura and confidence that I had immediate self esteem issues and my negative self (lets call her Halle Berry) started talking to my real self (call this one Beyonce) and it went a bit like this   Halle Berry: When I told you not to eat calories today you thought I was joking Beyoncé: *praying against 3000 calories borrowed from the next week* Halle Berry: See yourself? Unrepentant beesh ? Back to the train. I realised one of the reasons why the crowd parted for her was because she was like a goddess that graced us mere mortals with her presence on the Victoria line and partly  because she had three big bags of Ann  Summers and Victoria secret. Now things began to make sense to me, this goddess had an active sex life and wasn't afraid to show it. I got thinking about underwear. How many of you in long term relationships now see underwear as a basic human right not something for your other half to get some enjoyment from. When I go to the shop to purchase underwear, I give it the most vigorous stretch test that even a 500 year old Egyptian  mummy would be so proud of my attention to detail of elasticity. I want to know if it will stand the test of time. I talk to the underwear, telling them of the "Family 5 year plan" (you are part of us now forever so I need to do my due diligence). I spend hours looking at reviews of the newest most comfortable bras with air lite technology but bras like that look like they were designed by the Church of Seventh day adventists. Why does it have to be so? Why cant we have comfort and sexy? Or Why can't I be the one who does underwear shopping like it is a hobby not a chore? Pick out pieces for an Egyptian princess not a mummy? Choose style over comfort and strut with the bags on the tube unapologetically.  I really don't have the answers, I may have to get back to you on this one because I was rudely interrupted by the sale alarm I put online for "the it bra for mums sold over 200 in Madagascar alone" sigh. That day  after the train goddess encounter I got so triggered that I went online for a good ole shopping experience for underwear, one I have never embarked on before but firmly shut my laptop because I just couldnt go through with it. I need comfort too so I am on a mission to find a brand that does both and subsequently boost their profits by 25%. If you know of this mythical brand please let me know, I don't want a repeat of walking PAST Victoria Secret with hubby where he pushed me inside so hard that I got severe whiplash and a concussion ?. Help me pipo I need to find that brand. Please comment below. About this outfit  I saw these boots at public desire in March/April this year. I had seen the Balenciaga version and thought no difference, I will get them. Two days Later, sold out! I couldn't believe my eyes. I cried (there was some wailing too), then I opened the bible to give me verses on strength. I was on the phone to public desire and was put on a waiting list (when you are not Chanel or Hermes) but you are affordable so God is good all the time ?. Finally in August I got a shipment, I passed out when I saw the long package and knew exactly what it was. Unfortunately these are sold out so you can get an alternative here  Blazer- Hubbys closet ? Charles Trywitt blazer Skirt Zara (old) Until next time Buttercups. Don't forget to drop a comment below.

Women are from Venus and men are from a planet unknown

I started out writing a post about a young lady I saw in a video on Facebook who was telling her story of being with a man for 10 years, he was never "ready" for marriage. She left him and he gets married within a year. She was obviously crushed and her whole life and self confidence crumbled right before her eyes. I was thinking how did she miss the signs? How did she become blind to his bluff? How did this happen to her for so long and she didn't have the guts to end it earlier. Then Kevin Hart happens ?. As I mentioned before, I love celebrity news and all, nothing passes me by but that's not what my blog is about so I never focus on that. Today my lovelies I have a thing or two to say so why don't you sit back and relax because this is a fast and bumpy ride ???. Celebrity MEN and their infidelities is nothing new, it's so normal that saintly men like Steph Curry are like rare cuts of 55 carat pink diamonds, hard to find and impossible to purchase. Many many celebrities A list to Z list have have had scandals. Snoops wife once said she had to phone women she knew were side chics to find out when her husband was coming home after being absent for weeks on end. Tiger Wood, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Jay-Z, Tony Parker, Arny Schwarzenegger and even Marilyn Manson cheated, yes he did, this nicca cheated on Dita Von Teese.  This person  Cheated on Dita yano? These stories touch and affect us differently. The varying impact celebrity  cheating scandals have on us mere mortals is based on who is being cheated on. When Beyonce sang about a so called Becky that Jay cheated on her with, my first reaction was "where Becky at? I want to fight that b*tch, I want to snatch her edges so bad that Bey would change the lyrics to her song to "Becky with the Mohawk ". Gurl, I was mad, I didn't want to hear that Jay-Z's stupid voice with his baby duck like laughter. Bey and I were in this together and we were going to ride the storm no matter what ?. Another one I felt angry about was Common and Serena Williams, I was so happy when she bagged herself a new man  "chop knuckle ", you did well sis, I have seen Alex Ohanian and if he does anything to hurt ma boo,  I know I can take him, I have a bottle and I am not afraid to use it (after I have drank the contents ofcourse). While the victims usually women try to heal and cope, it seems like the men are out there profiteering from their infidelities in the form of tours and hit albums carrying on with their lives. If you wanna leave then do that, there is someone in the wings to take your space like the way Eniko (former instigator and current victim ) slid into Wife position after  being side piece for years. How do we not learn as women please. This doesn't fail to happen, you will go out the same way you came in.  But women out there healing like wolverine because your man is famous or rich, good on you, you know your priorities and you know what you want in life. Those of you taking this from broke men, you will surely make heaven because you have a heart of gold, you are a direct disciple of the Lawd and your mansion awaits you in heaven ?.  Everyone for their own. I hope we have the strength and wisdom to handle such cases if it falls on our laps. About this outfit This suit is from Topshop, I intend to wear it as separates all the time so please don't  all me out for repetition of outfits.  Shoes (old) from ASOS Hat TK Maxx Bag from Zara 

What impact do you want to have?

"Mummy you need to Persevere were the words my 5 year old said to me when I told him I was too tired to go to the gym. He has used this word before a few times and the novelty of his advanced vocabulary has worn off a little but he was so accurate I felt like "why has this boy become so judgemental all of a sudden?" ?. That's kids for you, little sponges. I look at my baby and think, what are the most important life lessons I want to impart. If you asked me this 10 years ago I was ready to present my child with the commandments carved in stone at his birth, don't ask questions, no I haven't met Moses personally, lets just say he is a friend of a friend and this is a signed copy so the earlier you start to read the better for you. My plan was complete and fool proof, I thought I had this parenting thing on lock. This was until real life happened to me, adulting was hard! What is all this? New non childhood friends teaching you all kinds of lessons, office politicking, bills, credit ratings, "CEO by 25" not exactly panning out, exercising ?, grocery shopping and struggling to match my eye liner wings, were only some of the things I didn't expect from life. My plans for my son took a sharp turn, out with the commandments carved in stone (damn that was so heavy to move), in with more practical life lessons. I have narrowed these down to four broad categories. Finances Nutrition Commitment  Awareness Ok, not in that order, although I leave a copy of the "Principles of Finance" dotted around the place for him to take the hint.  Finances and Nutrition are pretty standard and self explanatory. The last two Commitment and Awareness might need a bit more digging into.  When adulthood happened to me, UNEXPECTEDLY, may I add!?, I soon realised, I had to work, like wake up first thing in the morning, ride the train for an hour or so and work for 8 hours a day then ride the train back. OUTRAGEOUS I know! like who does that right?  Well most of the population does  and it is a big commitment. A Commitment to work, business ideas, personal development, people around us, friends and family, relationships are some things that will benefit a child and I look at this as the foundation. I grew up understanding this because my mother instilled it in us. You could never get out of going to school for any reason on earth,  Me: " but mummy my appendix is handing out of my torso help! "  Mum: "get my sewing kit, hurry up you will be late for school". Me:  "MUMMY, there is a landslide outside" Mum: "Quick! Get your wellies, you can't miss your assembly".  So rather than make an excuse, I found a solution for everything before she did. I knew I was going to my swimming and tennis lessons on Saturdays without doubt, I knew I was doing dictation every evening without fail. I learnt to be committed from an early age and this has had huge benefits in my life as an adult. Now awareness. Have you come across adults that are just not aware of themselves, personal hygiene zero, manners minus 20, emotional intelligence non existent. Well it is more prevalent in today's society. Awareness of self is very important as well as awareness of your immediate environment, judging emotions, mood and pre-empting danger and ambush during meetings at work (where most predatory crimes happen but are never reported). When a child is aware, they have an advantage in life, they know exactly when to laugh at their bosses dry jokes, just at the right time and the right amounts. Awareness also teaches a child how to show empathy and present a listening ear which will ultimately allow them gain trust, likeability and sometimes power to get ahead in life.  There are many other virtues you can teach a child, kindness, equality, love, strength, believing in a higher power and sarcasm ?. But most of these are picked up by demonstration from the parents and influencers around them. Parenting is hard, there is not one way to bring up a child but there are a million ways to prepare them to be a good contribution to society. Don't let school or society raise your child, instil strong values in them that anything contrary will be questioned. I am not a fan of Donnie Trump but in an interview he revealed what he said to his children everyday since they were kids "No drinking, No drugs and no smoking" And true to that, all his kids are free from those distractions that many people fall into as adults. Speak it today. Let the parenting begin ?. About this outfit Neutrals. Not me usually but some time you have to bite the bullet and do something different. Still had to insert colour somehow by the way of shoes ? Top Next (Dinosaur old) similar here or here Skirt Top shop here (on sale so hurry) Shoes New look similar here Keep this week slayed, what is left of it.  Until next time Buttercups. Please if you have liked this article, hit share just below here ↘️ ???   

Bragging rights and lillies 

This is not a drill, it's the real deal. An exercise for everyone : Brag about yourself in the comment section. Why are you so fly? What sets you apart?  What are you the best at?  Or just randomly say everything you are low key slaying on a daily basis.  I will wait.... Still waiting.... *glances at watch* *taps feet* *stares around the room* Ok guys, this is becoming awkward. Why are you so shy? Why arent you bragging about yourself? I am just the same pipo, I find it so difficult to big myself up especially in informal situations. But when it comes to job interviews, you need to be in the room to believe it. The bragging begins in full force and continues for so long that without  the shadow of a doubt I know a security button somewhere has been triggered and in less than  10 seconds I will be removed from the premises by four hefty men in black suits and shiny patent shoes ?. Interview goes something like this  Interviewer: What are your strengths? Me: Two million pounds  Interviewer: What does that mean? Me: I will make this company two million pounds in 2 and a half weeks.  Interviewer:... Me: Next question? When do I start I hear you say? ? Cocky as hell in interviews but in real life I feel shy to tell people what my strengths are and why I am special? I am asked in social situations "so what do you do?" And it is easier to say I am a Business Analyst but my inner me is screaming - "I am also a blogger, style consultant and photographer, I am a really really interesting person only if i had the courage to say it all to you". While I can talk about blogging passionately for hours, I am wary because I don't want to be faced with questions like : "what exactly is blogging",  "Do people even read that stuff?",  "Where do you find time to blog?".  It is easier for me to stick to what people understand. But today was a turning point. I was on the way to my shoot and a train attendant complimented me on my jeans, I must say I was taken aback, "why is this man talking to me in public trying to give eye contact, does he know this is forbidden in London? Or did he not read the election manifesto " ? . To my surprise I started telling him all about my blog and why he should be reading it. He immediately took out his phone and started checking out my posts. I really pulled a fast one on my own damn self there, this is not me usually,  who are you? and  what have you done with Alero Buttercup?  ?.  Can you believe what I told him next? (You gotta sit down for this pipo) I told him to "spread the word" ??. Sharrap dier !!! Lol. I gave me a damn hi 5 and started a full on twerk - in my mind of course. For once I was actually expressing, promoting  bragging about myself and it felt so good.  Please guys try this out one day and then the next and the next and before you know it, a habit will be formed.  I can totally see you guys pushing your security buttons because I am talking too much ?. You can stop now because I am about to talk about this outfit and gerra ra here.             Victoria Beckham for Target I love the feel of this trouser co-ord from VB for Target. It is a thicker material and it feels amazing on the skin. Although I must say I lost 2 buttons during the shoot which was a let down. My hat is from a retailer @TKsales on Instagram, feel free to check them out. *so now you kicking the panic button like mad* do you boo boo, I am out ?. Until next time Buttercups ?

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