What do these outfits have in common?

...every piece of clothing worn on my top half  are from the men's section of Forever 21 ? (don't shoot me). I would have accepted anything that said "mens shirts" or "oversize shirts". I apologise, I know this an emotional time for you ? but hear me out. Do you ever see brands who cater for both men and women's fashion shamelessly give men more discounts than us ladies? Yes, this still happening in the 21st century, disgusting behaviour I know, HILL-DIOTS ??. On this faithful day I walk into Forever 21 and there was a mini sale going on in the men's section (non for the ladies may I add). I got five items for about £40. You know when Pslam 23 said "thou prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies", this was the exact scenario when  strolled to the counter to pay for my items with the biggest smirk on my face. You pipo don't want me to be great, what am I going to be? You guessed it, GREAT ?. Outfit number 1 I knew I wanted to pair these looks with a feminine touch and what is more feminine than lace. I liked this shirt particularly because it is something you can just wear and go, it is versatile and can be worn with jeans or worn to work even.  Deets: Forever 21 striped shirtboohoo dress now in sale, Zara pumps, moschino bag.    Outfit number 2 This khaki shirt is another easy to wear shirt. I had this lace skirt in mind when I purchased the shirt.  Layering and a touch of pink softened the look. Deets: khaki shirt  (sold out), skirt (old), shoes newlook, bag gift (I will post a link soon), bangles a combo of primark and mango. Outfit number 3 For those who haven't thrown their phones at the TV ??.  This varsity shirt is my favourite. If you know of my tomboy style, you will understand why I love it. Mustard seems to be my fav colour too these days. Deets: Forever 21 Vibes mustard tee, zara skirt (old), shoes dune (old). Moral of the story, don't be scurred of the men's department, when they have a sale, celebrate with their ass ?. Second lesson, I am the Queen of riddles ?. Love you guys and thanks for participating. Until next time buttercups.

My first rule of clothes shopping

If I cannot wear you to work, I ain't buying you. The end.  We all work five days a week, 52 weeks and 365 days a year (or is that just me). Sometimes I find myself working 14 days straight with my regular 9-5 and then photography at the weekends. So, I work so much, the hustle is very real (currently on the train where I put my phone down just to do the Jay-z hova gang sign, don't judge me woman with the pink fur in summer).  So in that light, when I go shopping, there is absolutely no need to buy anything I cannot wear to work, be it my government work or my own business. I buy pretty things that I can dress down one day but definitely dress up to go to parties (children's birthday parties and Christenings it seems to always be). So that is rule number "wan".  How does she dress things up I hear you say. Simply with your shoes, bags and accessories. You won't believe how good that "dead dress" will look when you spruce it up a little bit. I tell myself I will never wear it same way I wear it to work so for a dress I will usually add a statement belt and then knock my heels. For a pencil skirt that I usually wear with an oxford shirt to work, I swap the shirt for a cami or embellished top. That is rule number two: Never wear stuff same way you will wear it it work (before the dress takes you to the office on a Sunday morning, you won't know).  This look I am about the show you was an outfit I wore to my God daughters christening, a lovely addition of God kids that I am currently guiding with my infinite wisdom and understanding (if you like roll your eyes, I can't see from here). Please you guys check out my blogger poses, especially the ones that I look far away to the horizon lol. If you have learnt anything from my deep deep understanding of fashion rules, please comment and I will send you a copy of my e-book "Style tips for ex-fashion convicts", we don't judge, we are here to help. Lol                         These are some of my must haves for a chic work wardrobe.  As for blazers, the collarless classic white blazer is always a winner, it will go with anything and paired with a white high waisted jeans and heels, boom you are ready to partay. I also love these cape blazers and can't get enough of them, the more structured the better.     When we talk about tops/ blouses, I quite like the wrap stripped shirt. It can be paired with any of the above blazers and for a party look with high waisted trousers and a statement belt. Tah-dah. An embellished top is also a must have.    These paper bag trousers (muahhh... Come to mama soon ok?) and the pink ankle grazers I love. Don't be afraid of colour guys, rock it.     Last but not the least (I never understood that phrase by the way) but here we go. Skirts, my absolute fav. A stripe and flowery pencil skirt is all you need I promise you. They are heaven sent. The horizontal striped skirt seemed more chic to me than the vertical.     That's all folks, until next week when you all see me on the cover of Forbes  magazine standing next to Oprah and the Queen. 

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