Best of Boxing day sales 2016 (GO GO GO!!!!)

I can write a  whole paragraph about this post but I bet you will just skip right past it to get to the juicy bits. I will not waste your time, things are selling out fast so please get to it now FROM COAST - Wedding season starts in April so stock up on dresses. Up to 50% off. Highlight: Half price on most gorgeous dresses   FROM VERY.CO.UK Up to 50% off. Highlight: Lots of brands to choose from for half price   RIVER ISLAND. 50% off. Highlight: Many casual dresses you can buy and keep till summer where you can proudly wear them as vintage pieces lol ZARA. Sale but not much of a discount knowing the arrogance of Zara (rolls eyes). Highlight: Key pieces to add to your wardrobe. SELFRIDGES for the people who want to splurge. Up to 50% off. Highlight: Many designer sunglasses and watches on sale. Trolling thousands of items just to get the best deals for you guys ?.Until next time buttercups

The last of the autumn maxi’s

 17 degrees in November is a dream, a good sweet dream with consequences.  Winter will be back with a vengeance. It's almost like dreaming Idris Elba is giving you the snog of your life and you wake up with your dog licking your face (disclaimer: I am married and I don't know who Idris Elba really is, if I go past him I might not recognise the man. End of small print lol).  Back to Maxi skirts. I love them, there is something elegant about a full maxi skirt in a bold colour. Wear it with a t-shirt and sandals for some fun in the sun. Wear it with an embellished top for weddings (owambe things) or just with a simple top for Sunday brunch. It is so versatile.  Photography by @abdiwali_samatar (not easy photographing a photographer, thanks Abdi)                                          

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