African print is so in. How to mix it up in creative ways.

So I came across this dress on shopstyle. African print simple dress for £640. Six hundred and forty pounds only, 640 pa? For this dress? Does it come with the person wearing it, you know someone you can use for regular domestic duties around the house washing, ironing, hoovering, cleaning, nothing much just light work . image Stella Jean you do well. Instead of you to say you want to build a house. I sent the photo of the dress straight  to my dress maker  in Nigeria, she replied  "of course aunty, I can do it", that's my girl, thats what I like to hear. We got to work. Sent my measurements and one week later it was with me in London. It fit like a glove. All this for £10  (fabric plus labour ). Dress credit P-fashion the highest dress maker in the land . She says she wants to be famous on the Internet, this one is for you P-fashion. image View Post

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