Are you ready for spring:Shirt dress update and Spring essentials

Are you guys ready for spring? Or as we know it here in England 'Springter', springy winter. We don't care if snow falls tomorrow, we will still rock our mules and duster coats. A little sunshine and we are already packing away our winter jackets, I always keep one out just in case. But let's pretend it is spring, 18 degrees and sunny everyday.....'s time for a wardrobe change. What are your spring essentials? My absolute must haves... THE SHIRT DRESS Even if you have one already, go out and get another. The shirt dress has been around since 1726 and is going no where. Invest in a good cotton white shirt dress and you cannot go wrong. You will be rocking this baby in spring and summer and layering it in the winter (don't thank me, send me a cheque) I got mine below from Weekday store. image image image image image image image image image image image If you want to splurge then these are the favourites on my wishlist Marni shirt dress image & other stories image Aganovich shirt dress image The next essential is a ... you guessed it DENIM JACKET I personally like oversize or boxy denim jackets, I also prefer them In a vintage wash. These are my favs from Monki, Waven and See by Chloe all available at asos. image image image Next, what would you do without your MULES Mules are a great fashion statement. It shows that you are not afraid to show your toes because Rose from the nail shop has just given you your first pedicure since September 2015. Whilst your Wolverine feet have been hacked off and rehabilitated for spring (hopefully), this is the perfect way to show them off. image image image image Lastly that FLORAL SKIRT It is that time of the year where blending in seamlessly with the park flowers is allowed and accepted. These skirts are easy to dress up for a wedding and dress down for a picnic in the park. Absolute must haves. image image So mi beautiful ladies (and men if that's your thing, I don't care ?) start updating your spring wardrobe, pack up your winter coats and let's do this ?. See you at the nail shop, let's put an end to winter legs forever! Until next time mi buttercups.  Buziaki ?

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