Fancy hats, bubbly and high tea 

... with the queen? You make me an offer I cannot refuse. For my non British readers aka Immigrants ( gosh I can't stand them ?) let me tell you a thing or two about Ascot. Ascot is a British horse racing ground and the poshest one may I add. It is barely two miles from where the Queen lives so that is her hood hood! Every year around June there are four days of horse racing where the Queen and many members of the royal family attend just to wave to us commoners and clear their conscience until next year when they rinse and repeat (no wonder they live so long ?). Out of the four days, one is called "Ladies day at the Royal Ascot", take out "Ladies", insert us, BAM we were gearing up ready to go.  Ascot has a strict dress code, naturally if you are coming to see the Queen, you need to dress appropriately. You let human beings do whatever they want, guaranteed there will be someone there wearing a mini skirt and a mankini, twerking to the tune of the national anthem. Some of the rules are, you must wear a hat and keep it on at all times (I was here for this), your dress must not be above knee length, off shoulder dresses not allowed, dress must be modest and so on but this year they added full length Jumpsuits to the list of acceptable dress which gave people a sense that they were relaxing the rules a little.  My first experience of Ascot was a wonderful one. The weather was beautiful. We spread our picnic not far from the race track so we were in the middle of the action. When I looked around, I realised it was as much about friendship as it was dressing up. People having a good time with their friends and making memories.  Although it was a glorious day, I would do some things differently next year. 1. Get there earlier than I did (12 noon), to have more time with friends 2. Arrange to all go together, we spent a lot of time waiting around and looking for each other.  3. Pack a full picnic. Contents of the picnic basket or cooler will consist mainly of Jellof  rice and ram suya ? 4. Arrange childcare for the whole day, please don't wait up for mama. 5. Lastly don't drive so that champagne and strawberries can be my diet for a good 6 hours. Lastly I would give myself more time for styling because there is a mad rush for hats that are not too expensive so I would like to take my time to dig around etsy to find a perfect hat. I changed my outfit a few million times depending on my mood that day. In the end I went for a dress I had owned for years. I knew I wanted a small fascinator because no one wants their hat blowing half way across the racecourse and eaten by one of the horses?. I wore a hat from Debenhams which cost about £40 and my dress is so old from Shein. My shoes are my precious Dolce and Gabbana. Me and my man dem below init ? So next year when you go to Ascot to feel posh for the day, hit me up for styling tips. Until next time Buttercups I leave you with a short video of the best outfit I saw on the day, STUNNER!

Focus on Nigerian fashion brands: Ms edivine 

I have featured a few of Ms edivine designs recently on instagram and to be honest I love every piece that was sent to me. Easy to wear ankara pieces that just speak to my print soul. This dress is my absolute favourite availabke in two colours. Check out the website for more designs from this amazing brand.    This easy to wear dress is amazing and can be dressed up or down. I wore this to a friends birthday, I didn't want to look super dressy but wanted to look good too (you know how we do ?). Next time I will tell you of the most embarrassing thing that happened to me last week. Oh gash. Until next time buttercups. 

Focus on Nigerian designers: Belois Couture

Based in Abuja Nigeria, I am in love with their designs. I saw this dress and had to have it. Designs are easy to wear and very comfortable made with so much attention to detail. This dress  out me N19000 which is about  £40. Very affordable compared to some other designers out there. Other looks I love from Belois catalogue that I absolutely love  It's summer time so I will be featuring more designers from the mother land. Until next time buttercups.

African print is so in. How to mix it up in creative ways.

So I came across this dress on shopstyle. African print simple dress for £640. Six hundred and forty pounds only, 640 pa? For this dress? Does it come with the person wearing it, you know someone you can use for regular domestic duties around the house washing, ironing, hoovering, cleaning, nothing much just light work . image Stella Jean you do well. Instead of you to say you want to build a house. I sent the photo of the dress straight  to my dress maker  in Nigeria, she replied  "of course aunty, I can do it", that's my girl, thats what I like to hear. We got to work. Sent my measurements and one week later it was with me in London. It fit like a glove. All this for £10  (fabric plus labour ). Dress credit P-fashion the highest dress maker in the land . She says she wants to be famous on the Internet, this one is for you P-fashion. image View Post

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