Visors and colours and mini sunglasses. These are a few of my favourite things

Growing up, women who wore visors were golfers. I looked at them in awe. Women, playing golf? They were breaking boundaries, laying the rules down, being a boss. I have never been tempted to buy one until I saw a guy selling them for £5 near my work (cheap skate I know). With sports day / inter house sport looming I decided this is a good time to own a visor and fulfil a life dream .  Sports day inspiration from Buttercup. How can you win anything in those shoes I hear you say? Beyoncé dances for hours in 6 inch heels. Is she not my age mate, if she can do it, so can I. WWBD. What will Beyonce do? It's summer time, bring out your visors and sunglasses because if you wear it in winter, honestly, you will look crazy .                       Details of my outfit  Visor (Brixton Market)- £5 Inner blouse (Next )- £28 Sleeveless blazer (M&S)- £35 Trousers (River Island)- £30 Bag (River Island) - £14 on sale Mules (Forever 21)- £25 Sunglasses (Primark)- £6 Some cute visors I found on eBay and Amazon in an array of colours.           Please be careful with this trend so you don't end up looking like a tourist welder.  Lol. Don't carry last please.    

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  1. Annette Okpere
    August 6, 2015 / 9:49 am

    These pictures are heavenly! You look like you’re a ‘Real housewife of Enfield’. Ilove your blog, your style and your wardrobe spending ethos. Just goes to show that half the time we over spend we’re actually getting the short end of the stick and ‘carrying last’, lol. I must get this furry purse ASAP. Great work Alero!

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