There is a first time for everything.

So at the weekend I went to Bruno Mars concert  by myself, all together now... *awwwww * ?. I'll tell you the story. When these tickets became available for sale a few months ago, I missed out and before I knew it all the tickets had gone. I was devastated, I love Bruno Mars. Fast forward one day before the concert, I found some tickets and this ministered to my spirit, it was meant to be so I decided I was going. I called a few friends and no one wanted to come at such short notice so do you know what I did? I got me, myself and I VIP tickets and went just like that. I thought to myself, what would you regret the most 1. Going to one of the favourite artist's concert on your own or 2. Missing out all together You guessed it, I wasn't going to miss out so I asked my own damn self on a date and you know what? I accepted the date. It felt good because I tell you something now, this was the second best concert I have ever been after the Queen B of course.  Bruno gave us a show to remember. The production was amazing and still had that jazz club live band feel to it. Here is why I had an amazing time with myself 1. We grabbed something to eat before the show and we didn't argue about where to go or what to have, it was like we were in perfect sync ? 2. We got ID'ed  at the bar twice! That's how young and youthful we looked *flicks hair* 3. When Bruno sang "Treasure" we serenaded each other 4. We sang Bruno songs while skipping home holding hands ? It was fun to say the least. Try it next time, take your bougie self on a date and see how you like it. Outfit deets Denim Jacket: Missguided Striped trousers: River Island Earrings HnM (old) Shoes: Newlook 

This colour is controlling my life and I can’t make it stop 

You guessed it. MUSTARD yellow. Worris all this. I am gravitated to everything mustard at the moment and had to recently return a pair of trousers because I had something so similar in the same colour. With all the mustard in my wardrobe, I can wear this colour for two weeks without repeating an outfit. That is alot of mustard. My trousers are from zara (in the sale) and top from asos which I bought 152 years ago. But don't worry I have my favourite mustard pieces for you to shop below. How dare you not absolutely love this colour. See below for deets. Newlook mustard trousers here Topshop top here Boohoo dress here  One nation dress here  Chic wish faux leather skirt here  Two part court shoes here Mules here  Until next time guys.muah 

Blogger favourite bomber

Ok guys I am here for a confession.  I need to get things off my chest. Hi, my name is Alero and I am a shipping addict.  I shop for fun, I shop when I feel sad, I shop and eat when I am happy, I shop in the street, in the train and everywhere ?. That felt good, better than jellof rice and fried goat meat on Christmas Eve at 1am ?.  I am the Queen of chasing sold out items. I call customer service y'all, I call them and ask them to reserve items and can cross oceans to get my items, I don't joke pipo.  This pink silky bomber was not excempt from that hot pursuit. It is  by Mango and came out when no one else was doing silky bombers. Bloggers were slaying with it up and down and this deeply troubled me because I didn't have it and it was sold out, so naturally I was on the phone to Mango with very stern words ?. One day as if woken by the holy spirit, I went on my emails at 4.40am and saw an email from Mango that it was back in stock for like 30 minutes and sold out again. Jesus answered my prayers. Me and my jacket were finally reunited 3 days later by DHL who I will always love and respect for the work they do for society ?. See below some favourite looks from bloggers that nearly made me jump off a bridge due to a sold out bomber jacket lol. I have gone for a more edgy look to style mine, like a Riri inspired look Bomber Mango (sold out) alternatives below Dress hnm £4 (sale) Boots public desire  Boohoo ⬆ ⬆ Hope you are united with your favourite items soon guys. Until next time buttercups.

Girl meets boy. Rock that powerful suit with a twist

The power suit aka mens wear, aka women do it better is a trend that has been around for sometime. I have a few suits in my wardrobe but everytime I attempted to wear a suit to work I always veto my self with the exact words of "where are you even going sef" and "are you the CEO" , just as I put it on I take it off even quicker, until I saw the way some celebs made it their own and then I was like "I can do this". Here are some ways you can wear and own a power suit look and still put a twist on it. 1. Choose a colour that says "I ain't scurred to be bold". I chose a pinkish salmon colour. Love it, it stood out. 2. Wear something lacey or feminine inside. I find that looks with an Oxford shirt is taking menswear too literal. Do it differently. Wear a camisole and still rock a strong look. 3. Wear shorts with your suit. It adds a little extra and will make you stand out 4. A high Waisted trouser will flatter anyone, making your legs look longer, you can't go wrong. 5. Pair it up with accessories. Bling that look up with either a broach or some neck bling. 6. Wear it with trainers and a peg leg pair of trousers with a t-shirt and a blazer. So my buttercups, just do you, don't let the suit wear you oh. Show the suit who is boss. Until next time image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image I hope you enjoyed. Please comment and give your own tips or tell me who rocked it best.

The hustle of London Fashion Week

I went to LFW expecting to shoot and kinda put trends together for my readers. As fashion week progressed, I went from thinking I would blog about "my experience of fashion week" to "trends of fashion week" and finally to " The hustle of London Fashion Week".  The latter seemed to be something that became more prevalent when the novelty of fashion week disappeared. Fashion week is one massive business card, bloggers trying to get noticed, photographers scanning and rating people before they even point a lens at them, security guards feeling very important (as they are ) and celebrities (what celebrities?) probably on their sofas watching reality television and eating pork scratchings. Brewer street car park where the shows took place was crowded, mostly with photographers but then there were a lot of people just standing around for ages, dressed up, doing nothing. People on their phones trying to look important forming "tell your people to call my people", "I was in the show but came out to talk to you", "tell Anna (Wintour) I am cancelling dinner tonight" lol, you are blocking my shot peepo, get out of my way (warra mess). I met some great photographers, stylists, bloggers, I handed out many business cards, I received twice as much, two sunny days, 5 English teas and some great friends and contacts later, I can say it was a great experience. I loved shooting at LFW. I hear you, "shut up for once and show is some gaddam photos". Here you go.   IMG_7167 IMG_7156 IMG_7155 IMG_7153 IMG_7146 IMG_7142 IMG_7139 IMG_7135 IMG_7131 IMG_7127 IMG_7110 IMG_7109 IMG_7108 IMG_7095 IMG_7092 IMG_7081 IMG_7080 IMG_7074 IMG_7069 IMG_7052 IMG_7039 IMG_7032-2 IMG_7017-2 IMG_7012 IMG_7001 IMG_6995 IMG_6993 IMG_6991 IMG_6988 IMG_6977 IMG_6971 IMG_6966-2 IMG_6961 IMG_6953 IMG_6941 IMG_6920 IMG_6896 IMG_6882 IMG_6878 _MG_9149 _MG_9111 _MG_9079 _MG_9066 _MG_9055 _MG_9049 _MG_8995 _MG_8986 _MG_8913 _MG_8897-2 _MG_8879-2 _MG_8857-2 _MG_8851-2 _MG_8832 _MG_8825-2 _MG_8818-2 _MG_8817 _MG_8722 _MG_8721 _MG_8718 _MG_8717 _MG_8715 _MG_8694 _MG_8679 _MG_8674 _MG_8671 _MG_8640 _MG_8636 _MG_8619

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