Prep your spring wardrobe with these key pieces 

With these freezing conditions I don't think anyone is thinking about spring yet. Knowing the UK weather, spring can appear next week for a few days and that's it, it's over till next year.  So there is no harm in preparing early right.  Spring coats are the most important item in  your wardrobe. A few silky glimpses of seziness have been circulating insta for people who live in warmer climates and think they know it all *rolls eyes*  You can get the above topshop duster coat here  Get this black number Here This is on sale at miss guided pipo. Hurry up and get it here Word of advice: To avoid that "I just rolled out of bed look" please get one that has some character. For example parker coat above that has scrunched sleeves or metal buckles. You will Slay this with a pair of jeans and a tshirt only, it's that easy. Next agenda on the programme the good old TRENCH COAT You knew this was coming. The trench is too classic to miss off the list. If you think " I am going to skip pass this because I have a trech already", YOU ARE WRONG (in my 'you can't handle the truth' voice). Trench coats are getting modern updates everyday  Update with a vivid coloured trench Or a statement belt trench  Or prints, who doesn't love prints The last transition coat one which I have gone with is the ultimate patent coat. This coat is so so stylish and lifts any outfit. All shops are selling out of these and I got this brand new on eBay for £31, BARGAIN.  Patent coat: Ebay £31 Shoes Mark and Spencer sale : £12.99 Clutch bag: By Opaleye @byopaleye (instagram) Hat: On NYC streets $5 Until next time buttercups.

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    January 28, 2017 / 7:57 pm


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