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About hair stylists.  I was writing a blog post on my shopping strategy and tips on how to navigate your way through the summer sales. Well my focus turned firmly to "famous" Instagram hair stylists because of some absurd posts I have seen lately. These are from hair stylist that have found some fame either by having 1. More than 10k followers 2. Had a celebrity (D-Z list) grace their studio once upon a time or 3. Are super aware of their talent almost akin to Superman' s awareness of kryptonite millions of miles away You must have hands of gold if you can post this on your business page with 39k followers (potential customers) Or  I don't know what is more disturbing, the post or the 600 plus people that liked it. So I want to understand is Have we as black women who spend the most money and time on our hair given these stylists 'God like' status? Have we elevated them to the point of no return? This is very similar a certain direct airline carrier (that begins with a B and ends with an A) to Nigeria who charges the most but treats Nigerians like stray dogs on the street brimming with fleas. Or have I just been unfortunate to come across the few that spoil the names of all the good ones out there, you know, the Al-Qaeda of the hair world. Well let's hope so. But.... ( here she goes again), we need to start demanding better service from every damn person that we give our hard earned money to. In this era of the internet and almighty reviews, we have to understand that as consumers we have more power than ever. More power than a powerful MAN on a powerful day, even Dona is aware with his short Twitter fingers typing away 23/6 (get It? ?). This is what I do when I am peeved 1. I take to Twitter while simultaneously  writing a formal letter on letter headed paper. Matrix style multitasking Source: life hacker Australia (ain't no body tryna get sued) 2. If I write a complaint email to a big company, I always copy in my fake law firm (A&A Solicitors) so you might want to think about that decision to reject my demand for £1.5 million worth of vouchers (usually food). 3. If not satisfied with the outcome of the proceedings, only as a last resort, I take my complaints to places like Trust Pilot and Trip advisor to SCATTA your reputation. Let's use what we have collectively and get the service we deserve. Can I hear an AMEN? Style tip of the week, think outside the box and do something that you wouldn't have dared do before. Stripe on stripe crime. Try this out and please tag me in your photos ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ this is me giving every kind of direction during my shoot ???. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ This is the art I spend my time doing on the train on my way to work, it soothes me ???. Outfit deets Top: ASOS old Trousers: Zara sale  Hat: ASOS Shoes: Marks and Spencer  Bag: TK Maxx Until next time buttercups

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