I am back and I need your help on this one 

Hi my lovely buttercup baby biscuits. I missed you all. I took a break from blogging for a while because let's face it life gets in the way sometimes right. One day it's new years day, the next day it is lent, the next day it is August Bank holiday and then Christmas.  So according to this calender of busy people there 4 days in a year. I have also taken the time to reflect on the 12 months of my blog and thought of new strategy for my blog going forward.  So far my blog has been heavily focused on fashion.  Now I am thinking of branching out and give my view on other things including beauty (obviously), pop culture, and general everyday grumpy rants. I will give you gist and I will tell you stories shikena.  Here is where you come in what did you like in my previous blog posts? Photos? Where to purchase the latest fashion? Advice on how to put things together? What would you like me to keep doing? Le Beau says not everyone wants to see my beautiful face everytime, how wrong is he, you guys love me right? Say it is so. Please the sweetness of this blog lies on you hands. Comment and tell me what you want to see. I will personally email you with hot gist fresh off the press.  Until next time buttercups

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