How do I make you FEEL?

Monday. Tonnes of sweets, a mountain of cake and two parties later for my baby boy, I am sitting on the spinning bike wondering how my diet went so wrong in the last few days. That aside, we had a great karate themed party on Saturday, Jax was beaming from ear to ear and was so happy to have his friends celebrate with him.   We also had a great party entertainer who made Jax feel very special all day long. He made his friends tickle him when he wasn't smiling for a second, he chose him first for all the games, he brought him on stage multiple times and made Jax the centre of all his entertainment acts. Jax couldn't stop taking about him all weekend. I sat and thought, this entertainer has stamped a lasting impression on a little 6 year old boy in just two hours. What he do? He made Jax feel special with little effort because that is what he does. So the big question is  HOW DO YOU MAKE PEOPLE FEEL? I am not asking if you go around trying to please people just to make them feel special. No. What I am asking is when you go about your day, do you think of your actions in terms of  - will it make the other person feel good or bad? I use the word "feel" because although we have little control of how another person feels, we have a general idea. Action and consequences often come to mind.  Are my actions going to affect a person positively or negatively? I love this Buddhist prayer that I say before leaving the house for the day "As I go out,  may I not cause anyone hurt and pain" This is powerful because pain causes more pain. A person who has a terrible commute because they had an argument with someone with a rotten attitude, will unconsciously transfer this hurt to work colleagues or family members. It is a snowball effect guys. As we start a new week, please be conscious of other people's feelings. A nasty person has gone through things that have made them that way, trust me when I say it has  NOTHING to do with you, the attitude came long before you, shake it off and move on, no one gets a medal for winning an argument or speaking 235 words a minute. I am feeling very reflective this time of the year as is typical when my birthday is round the corner whoop! whoop!! Watch this space. About this outfit  Coat- TK Maxx similar here  Jeans- New look similar here  Boots here  Have a lovely week guys. Until next time  Buttercups.  

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