High street handbags that give designers a run for their money 

There is no secret here that I love shopping on the high street. High street brands are boldly matching designer bags in look and feel without the heavy price tag. I had some rules when I purchased high street bags,  Rule no 1 It must be leather. Leather to me gives a level of quality and it is clearly visible. Rule no 2 I always go for a minimalist look so it is not too obvious where I got the bag from. But I find myself abandoning my rules these days due to the quality of neatly sewn PU leather bags out there these days. These bags below are my favs and when worn with good style, they look like a million bucks  From Primark (both £7 below) Below From Newlook (priced between £11.99 and £24.99) Love love love this red bag below.  Looks so expensive and can be worn with anything. This ring bag below has been done by many designers, this is a good pairing for work wear. Blow from Zara. Note these bags are still on sale in Zara so go check them out. They are priced between  £15.99 to £39.99. Very reasonable for bags that look like they cost a grand. These mini bags from zara I love. You can attach it to another bigger bag to give the effect of runway. See below for ways to wear these bags. They look very Fendi like and they fit your phone so you can take them for a night out. This embroidered clutch is from Glamorous and is on sale for £10. You can give an outfit instant uplift with this bag it's that chic. My final pick is this Park Lane number below which is also on sale at ASOS. I hope you are still able to catch some sales and save some money in this austerity January ?. Until next time buttercups 

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