Drake and Riri. Couple goals or nah 

Ok so we see celebrity couples from afar and we are quick to jump "couple goals", "relationship goals", "boyfriend goals". Words that should be  banned and prohibited from the mouths of people whom school fees are still being paid on top of their head. Do you have Financial Accounting goals? Do you have statistics goals? Yet you come to instagram to be having relationship goals, my Fren will ya go back to the library with immediate effect? See your face  Back to the grown and sezy. Me I am one that loves love. I love black love, I loved the moment Drake professed his love for his girl in front of the whole world. But then did Drake steal Rih's limelight? Let us go back to the limelight and analyse it plix. Lifetime achievement award.  when I think of that award I am thinking of the Tina Turners, the MJs, the Princes. You know older folks who have sold platinum for their last 300 albums, those people who have changed the world with their music.  RIRI (I am spelling her name in capitals from now on, putting that Respeck on her name aiight?) So my girl RIRI wins this award and her man comes out blazing, declared love, kisses her, romanced her neck on stage ewo! Remaining to get down on one knee. After this all I can think of is the stage affair not the achievement of this great artist. This morning I woke up to the thoughts of last night and I just want to download Drakes album na na na na, listen to his hidden romantic messages in his lyrics.  Everyone on insta is hailing Drake and the king and Odionwere of all romantic acts all over the world. But where my girl at? Riri has been swallowed up in the frenzy.  At the Olympics we saw it happen with a female Chinese diver who won silver and then got proposed to on the podium. At first I didn't think there was anything wrong with it oh, I am not gonna lie but it hit home when it happened to my personal pesin Ri boo. Was it wrong for Drake to do this? People in love want to just shout from the roof tops right? Was it planned or was it spontaneous? What really happened here? Anyways let's give credit where credit is due , everyone put your phone down and clap for RIHANNA, get up off your feet ladies and gentlemen, number  2. Drake shall be known from now on as Mr. RIHANNA Fenty (you want to keep your name after you have used her to shine, Shame on you Mr Fenty, keep quiet dier) 3. At least Mr RIHANNA has given ex Mr RIRI (Chris Brown) a kick in his small nuts. 4. Finally, clap for RIRI again please.   Ehen, I feel berra. Ri boo I see you , you are great. Greet awa wife for us Mrs Drake Fenty. Let's see love photos below, our favs of our new power couple Until next time buttercups. Buziaki 

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