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Who slayed my entire being at the Met Gala


The Met gala, the most glamorous ball ever hosted in the history of fabulousness. Although people look at it as a costume ball, I see it as a way for designers to push themselves and create avant garde for us commoners to drool over. The theme this year

Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination

It already sounds like a thesis waiting to get an A*** plus a noble peace prize all in thesame day. When I heard the theme I was excited but then I expected everyone to carry a pope on their arms like Nicki did in the 2012 Grammies

But this was not the case. The only pope that showed up in a real and awesome way was Rih boo biscuit (take my jellof rice), all others that attempted a pope outfit just ended up looking like Parish priests and Jesuits that Latin is hard for them because their mother tongue is Ijebu Yoruba.

I noticed certain themes in this year's Met. The Pope and her subordinates, the angels, the cross wearers and the people who couldn't be bothered (aka demons and kill joys) 😂

If I go by themes, I think the Angels won this one except of Katy Perry, Katie, see me in my office straight away, kneel down and hands up before I get there. The Angels were elegant and had so much detailing in the gowns. You just know there were 300 elves sewing on beading, feathers and textures for the last 365 days since the theme was announced. To all elves around the world, your contribution to fashion is appreciated.

Then the pope and her man dem who to be honest this whole category was carried by queen Rih.

Then you have the slays with the cross on the garment. Both the men and women pulled off the look and it was a delight to see, although the cross is more simplistic than the feather detailing of the angels but JLO, thank you for coming through for the rest of us and helping us believe that a body after 40 can be as firm as new yam in the middle of December.


Then we had the people who will definitely miss heaven because they cant take simple instructions. These are not the worst dressed, inshort I love some of these looks but St Peters must make them do frog jumps before they are allowed through the pearly gates, I am sorry.


and finally my best and worst dressed

Worst dress Has to be Amal Clooney. I just didn't get this outfit. Warris this please. Amal you look gorgeous and have a lovely figure even after having twins (bish 😏) but you gotta do better.

Rihanna- Best dressed. Rihanna always slays but it is not about Rihanna, it is about this massive contribution to fashion. This outfit is pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries, giving us the best fashion can offer in terms of shapes, detail, movement and an outright spectacle to look at. Rih carried herself well and wore this garment like no one else. I love her for this. Best dressed at the Met gala 2018 none other than Rihanna Robyn Fenty.

She served face, she served mystery, she served attitude, she even served cleavage, the only thing she didn't serve was jellof rice and goat meat but I can live with that. All hail Rih Rih.

Until next year Buttercups. I will be on the red carpet at the Met gala 😂

Summer body (under construction)

I have been a member of "summer body gang" since my university days. Over the winter I always seem to pack on the weight and shed it over the spring (quite easily). But NOOO, not this time, I am carrying some 5 kg (11 pounds) around the place like a plate of hot jellof rice and fried plantain. The problem with me is that I love food! I will cross oceans for food, like literally I have crossed the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans for food. I will never travel anywhere if the food wasn't good and I pick the food before the destination EVERY TIME. So when people say to me "weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise, I seriously question every aspect of our relationship, like what do we really have in common? Is this friendship even worth the hassle.

The 20% on the other hand has never been a problem for me. I was sporty person right from childhood. I am not afraid of going hard in the gym or going for an early morning run, exercise is not my problem, food is! So now that I have decided it is time to take control and lose the weight, I have put certain controls in place to help with this. These are tips from famous you-tubers that I will incorporate the next few weeks to help my efforts

  1. Intermittent fasting. This is when you fast for some parts of your day and have only a small window to eat daily. Some people do 16-8 or 20-4, when you fast for 16 hours of the day and eat for 8 hours or you fast for 20 hours and have an eating window of just 4 hours. Don't be alarmed, your 16 hours of fasting includes the time you are asleep as well. So typically I would have my last meal at 6pm and first meal the next day at 10am. It doesn't sound so bad now right? I have used this system before to lose weight and it is very effective.
  2. Fasted Cardio. As the name suggests, you do a cardio session while in a fasted state in the morning. I have been doing this for years but now I want to up my game for longer sessions and frequently. Studies have shown that this burns more fat than cardio after eating a meal.
  3. Make your body a burn machine. So rather than waiting on a gym session or a perfect time to exercise, why don't you burn calories all day with your regular activity. Walking a longer distance to work, climbing every stairs you come across, going for a lunch time brisk walk. These could burn up to 500 calories a day rather than 350 calories for a 30 minutes cardio session in the gym.
  4. Lastly, I am going to replace one meal with a low calorie shake and drink 3 liters of water a day.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (plays suspense music). Please wish me luck guys and watch me burst out of the sea like Halley Berry in Die another day in 2 months *Hair flick*


About this outfit

Red cat eye sunglasses here

Oversize shirt weekday store (old) similar here

Jeans here

Pretty little thing boots here (Only size 3 left), alternative here

  Until next time buttercups

Statement neck piece (Why not)

How is your summer wardrobe coming along. Start getting pieces together for now to avoid a sudden rush in June/July, I find that this helps put together a more coherent summer capsule wardrobe.

My holiday to Malta was amazing by the way, a proper blog post is coming up. This post is just to appreciate my dear friend GUAA collections for this beautiful hand crafted necklace she made especially for me. I intended to use it as a bikini cover up (hide my under construction summer body lol) but ended up wearing it as a statement piece with this minimal jumpsuit. Totally loved it and the compliments I got were off the scale.

Outfit deets

Necklace GUAA 

Jumpsuit Asos here

Earrings Mango here

Until next time buttercups.


Growing up, my mum was very particular about certain things. She would never let up borrow ANYTHING from anybody, if you came home with a borrowed book, you will get a serious telling off not to talk of a toy or a piece of clothing. My sister and I who are 3 years apart were not even allowed to wear each others clothes, my mum hated it. Let’s just say she made no exceptions, my mum didn’t like what she hated lol. From a young age we knew to do with what we had.

Another thing is she would never let us miss school for any reason whatsoever, if you were ill, she would ask you to go to school and if it got worse tell the teacher to call her to pick you up. She would never lie on your behalf or cover up for you in any wrong doing. I remember once, a while ago when I was at university, I called my part time job to say I was ill I couldn't come in when I was just very tired from being up late the night before watching Bill Clinton confess his sins live on TV, she threatened to call my manager to tell him I was lying, the next thing I found myself at work doing an 10 hour shift with the possibility of fainting every other minute due to fatigue.

She never missed a flight; she would rather drive off and leave your ass in the wilderness than miss her flight. She always emphasized keeping your word and being on time. These little or big things shaped me in an unimaginable way.

I recently got a job where I worked with a Manager I had worked with in a former organisation. One day, very new in my role, I was down with a fever and had to stay home to recover. When I told my manager, he said "In the 18 months we worked together before, you have never called in sick, I hope you are not dying" lol. I did feel a sense of pride at that point. I was back to work the next day just so I don’t taint my almost perfect record.

I am not an expert in Parenting because at the end of the day we are all just winging it and hoping for the best. What I do know is Integrity, kindness and grit are some of the most important things you can teach your children.

Some things I implement that help build his integrity

  • Never allow him play pranks or so called April fools, I can’t stand it
  • Never allow him borrow anything, if he asks to borrow something, I just say "I will buy you a brand new shiny one, don't you want that instead?”
  • I never lie in front of him or give a false statement (which he knows is false) with the aim to avoid responsibility or commitment
  • I never let him get out of his activities like swimming, football, music etc just because he is "tired" or "doesn't feel like going"
  • I emphasize on being on time to everything
  • I teach him on knowing when to say no instead of letting people down
  • And I always emphasize on keeping his word, you say it, you do it.

This is not an extensive list but a few things I do regularly and never back away giving him mixed messages. I learnt from the best, my mum.

Comment below on what you do or what your parents did to instil certain values in you.

Until next time buttercups



Structured blazer here or here 

Jogging bottoms also in black here or here

White cage boots here

Waist bag here Necklace here Bangle @byopaleye

I am done supporting.

Why I have decided to never go to any kind of meet and greet, book signing or launch by my 9ja pipo.

I have always been a big supporter of Nigerian artists, authors, actors and musicians. Apart from Beyonce, I don’t know any other group of people I have supported more with my hard earned cash. Before you start correcting me, yes! Beyonce is a “group of people”, Beyonce and sons enterprises ltd. She is the only person that I see instantly that my money makes a difference in her life because as soon as I buy her concert ticket, she buys a house, if that isn’t the best return on capital you have seen I don’t know what is.

Back to my Naija people. So on this fateful day my friend tells me there was going to be a book launch by a Nigerian celebrity turned author in London. I didn’t even let her land when I found myself on event brite purchasing tickets for the launch. I was excited not because I was going to meet this person but because I wanted to support my OWN. I even rallied my troops and promoted this book launch like it was my own bestseller gracing the able pages of the Amazon website. When I invited a friend to the book launch and she just “couldn’t be bothered” to attend, I used these exact lines on her “but if it was JK Rowling launching a book you would run there abi?” that was how seriously I took it.

Fast forward a month later, the book launch was upon us and my friend and I set off on a cold Friday night, a good 10 miles and one hour later we found ourselves sitting at the venue in eager anticipation of the author to arrive. She arrived late but we were too busy eating and drinking and enjoying good company to notice. At 9pm, two hours after the show was meant to start, she graced us with her presence. It was a nice candid conversation and the night went well. Just before the actual book signing, everyone was mingling when the author came to my friend (a fellow celeb) whom I was standing with and gave her a hug and started chatting away. I was totally ignored, like I was a ghost with no business standing there in the first place. I was totally amazed by this because she stood right across from me and not even a smile to acknowledge my presence.  I stood there awkwardly for about 2 minutes then slowly walked away to get myself another drink. That was strike two after making us wait 2 hours for your arrival; you ignore your guests like we had nothing better to do on a Friday night.

I wasn’t annoyed by this, now I wanted to have my book signed and go home. So I stood in the queue and as I got the front, I went through few words I wanted to pass on to her, some really encouraging words to pass on my best wishes. Before I could say anything, she took my book and started signing it while simultaneously talking to one of her event coordinators. She handed me back the book with the most disingenuous smile known to man and she was reaching to the book of the person behind me like we were on a factory conveyor belt. STRIKE 3.

I was fed up at this point and just wanted to leave as soon as possible. All I kept thinking about was my warm bed and my son waiting for me at home. Showing support to a fellow woman, naija woman at that left a very sour taste in my mouth and the funny thing is I kept giving excuses for her poor taste until I couldn’t anymore. The more I told the story, the more I realised she had behaved in a way that was unacceptable. Till this day I never read that book. I had it by my bedside for weeks hoping to read a chapter at a time just before bed but every time I saw it, I remembered that night and consequently put the book on my bookshelf downstairs with the rest of my books. I decided from that moment on, I will not do it again. If you host a show, by all means I will purchase tickets, launch a book, I will show my support by buying your book,  but for me to leave the comfort of my house to come support you, meet and greet nonsense, hell no! I am done supporting.

I hope this hasn’t put you guys off though. That was my experience, yours will be better IJN Amen.

My outfit details below. me and my boo biscuit mean mugging lol.

Gold studded boots here or the flat alternative here

My camouflage jacket here

Ruffle jeans here

alternative jeans on sale here

Lets play the game "guess the celebrity" in the comments section. Please share below on social media. Until next time buttercups.

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